Free TON

Light Earn / Crystal Earn

I want to suggest Free TON Community developers to build a debot named Light Earn/Crystal Earn which have a motive to empowering learners for their gained knowledge about Free TON ecosystem.

  • Lessons created and their incentives must be passed by community voting.

  • User need to start with reading or watching basic lesson based on Free TON ecosystem and then answer some random questions based on that lesson.

  • User who passed first lesson would earned some crystals and automatically goes to next lesson and so on.

An example of such platform is Coinbase Earn.


I was testing Coinbase Earn and some others similar projects - they are cool!

Learning and understanding Free TON ecosystem is necessary for global adoption so Free TON Blockchain Givers should have lessons and quiz to evaluate knowledge gained by any user giving them crystals as their performance.
Lessons and quiz are accepted same as contests now.

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