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Local Social Media (Create Content and earn TON)


I can create a local (Turkey) social media site (like steemit) that works with TON. Can I get support for this?

(the application is almost ready.)

People will create content and earn TON tokens as a reward.

The application earns ad revenue. shares the revenue with users. (with ton crystal)


This sounds to be a great proposal you have brought in and I’m wishing you the best of luck,hope the management will give you a positive response.

Free TON has SMM Subgovernance. I think it might be useful for you.

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Hello. Please read Free TON Partnering Guide

Hi! We need more ambassadors

We already have a Turkey group, join

Sure. Please go to a bank, get a loan, start a business, make it successful with millions of users, and then come back with a proposal. ))))))

I’m kidding of course. Not trying to be harsh, but you need to PLEASE understand what a PARTNERSHIP proposal means. Free TON is not a bank for your dreams to come true. You need to already have a successful business in order to be a partner. Free TON is not a fund.

I ask you very kindly to please learn the difference between partnering and asking for money. This is just common sense.

Like others noted, there are sub-governance groups that can help you learn how to build something great. That said, Free TON will not fund ideas. That’s up to you.


Creating Free TON based content would be a better tool for community growth.

Yes, you give a good perspective for business! We are ready to cooperate with you in the framework of joint agreements!

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