Lumi Wallet Integration Proposal

Free TON is soon to thrive, as it getting partnerships with more and more wallets.

Such a nice news, Lumi is not only a good looking platform, but also a platform with very wide variety of token lists.

Классно! Теперь ждем роста Free TON!

Lumi wallet has proven me to be a perfect match of convinient and nicely designed wallet.

This integration looks like it will benefit both sides. Goodluck!

Hello community, we have completed step 1 and step 2 from our “Action Plan”. We ask you to pay for these stages: 50k for the first step + 200k for the second step.

Here you can see the articles about FreeTON in LUMI Wallet: Free TON is available in the LUMI and

How to stake Free TON Crystal? Staking Guide by LUMI Wallet

Our updated wallet address:


Soon we will come to you with new updates. Thank you, we will wait for your answer.

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Happy to hear updates from you. Very glad that first steps of your plan are already realised!

There pretty much information found on the open sourses. Are there any place with users’ reviews and feedback? I really interested in using this wallet

Glad to hear about the updates) this is one of my favorite partnerships, hope it will be of great use for both parties)

@Furman Thank you for updates. Glad to hear. How can we get to see the updates on collected tokens?

You can look through review articles on the Internet

do u hold money at Lumi wallet?

Is it safe to hold crypto in this wallet. Seems like you had some tough time implementing all KPIs, but user reviews look different. I registered on your wallet, and so far it is ok. So any explanations on your future work and plans?

Nice interface guys and high level of safety, as I can see from my experience. So any updates? And plans? I think this is a great proposal to support

Круто. Похоже , что вы идете по плану. Какие следующие шаги?

Good to know! I think the number of tokens requested are pretty much justify the needs!

It is a nice looking wallet, but mostly used in North and Latin America. You guys have to tackle for Europe and CIS countries more. There are many people are familiar with Free TON

Of course a proposal worth investing!

Ребята, привет.

какие шаги еще планируете относительно безопасности, так как это довольно чувствительная тема.

За интерфейс отдельное спасибо.

Очень классный кошелек. Но почему я не могу его теперь найти в App Store? Поменял телефон, кошелька нету.