Lumi Wallet Integration Proposal

Очень классный кошелек. Но почему я не могу его теперь найти в App Store? Поменял телефон, кошелька нету.

Who knows if the 2nd request of tokens are received or not?

what is the status of the voting?

it should be supported given the small number of tokens and completed KPIs

Heard about integration with Apple, but haven’t used Lumiwallet. Is it worth it?

as Changelly user, it’s so convenient to exchange currencies right in the Lumiwallet

Have you already collected the tokens for 1st and 2nd steps already?

неплохой блог у проекта, не так часто выходят статьи, но чтобы быть в теме для новичка норм.

I know they finished up all the neccessary points for step 2 and were waiting for them in the mid summer. I am not sure if they got it or not

какой телеграм канал у lumi wallet, кто знает?

There are additional wallets for BTC and ETH. In what way do they differ from Lumi wallet ?

good job!

Good luck during implementation of action plan

Can’t wait for the 3rd step, when new users could get TON crystal give aways. Guys lets push it harder, many will be very excited for that.

всем привет, я новичок на форуме.

у меня есть chatex, классная вещь.
как вам lumi?