Free TON x Free TON

The site looks like a template that can be assembled in an hour)


Why Design a Storage System? if it actually is -Surf! dubious proposal


The page does not work, there is no contact information and it looks 1 on 1 like a million other pages for tricking old ladies.
Does not apply to other listed sites. It looks like an outright deception, since in 10 minutes I can create such a template and spend 3 hours on the design of the text. Where is Billy’s proof ??


It’s good that the community is against such dubious partnerships. The site is the worst I’ve seen in the last year. I am sure that all the information provided on is false. Davidpark11 why did you publish this?


Dear community friends, I wouldn’t rush with conclusions. Would first allow Davidpark11 to present their credentials and proposal once again in a better way.

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Assuming you can answer all of the concerns the community members are voicing, you really do need to take a look at the partnering guide before asking for such numbers, especially up front. Free TON Partnering Guide If you take a close look you will quickly understand that even if you provide all of the required links and proof, there is no way to get those kind of numbers up front, and the overall cap is immense for what you are offering. Other than off-chain integration (usually runs somewhere between 20K - 100K Tons depending on complexity… sightly more in extremely difficult cases), nothing else can be considered up front. Everything must be against evident and properly presented/reported KPIs before any following batch of tokens can be distributed. You might want to think about completely reworking your proposal to fit the guidelines and again, please respond to the questions that are being asked. Thank you for your proposal.

1 Like]( is the landing page for the crypto hedge fund which owns and works with a portfolio of exchanges and payment platforms across Africa including:

    Exchange website:(

  2. OVEX Exchange

  3. CHANKURA Exchange

  4. GeoPay cross-border remittances in Africa

  5. VALR exchange


Those are the sites that should be referenced with regards to this proposal because TON will be trading on those exchanges/platforms which are highly exposed to massive user base in Africa

Hi, please refer to the other links because is only the landing for their hedge fund which owns the exchanges from the other links.

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It is for the custody solution for African market. Neither Surf or Free TON as a whole have any meaningful userbase in Africa, and this partnership provides the single biggest userbase from Africa in the entire crypto industry today.

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Do you have a better way to penetrate the African market on mind? In all my research in the African crypto communities in the past 3 years, there is no other business who has amassed such userbase other than Merkletree. Of course, happy to engage with a better business if it exists.

As one replied above, the websites that own nearly 188k unique paying users per year are the followings:

  1. HASHCASH( Exchange website:(
  2. OVEX Exchange
  3. CHANKURA Exchange
  4. GeoPay cross-border remittances in Africa
  5. VALR exchange

And of course, any partnerships should be considered mainly based on the number and value of organic users one business has.

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If you are talking about integration cost, 200k TONs for different development work required for 4 independent businesses seem reasonable. If you have a better calculation, please share in the comment so we can recalculate.

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I think you’ve missed the point of this proposal. Merkletree Capital is a business that owns the other businesses linked below. The websites that matter in this proposal are the followings:

  1. HASHCASH( Exchange website:(
  2. OVEX Exchange
  3. CHANKURA Exchange
  4. GeoPay cross-border remittances in Africa
  5. VALR exchange

Every single comment points to this website which likely means nobody really actually read this proposal. This website is simply an intro website of the parent company that owns the other independent companies who actually hold the userbase.


This is a good partnership especially to people of Africa. I support it 100%.


I fully support this proposal. Africa is strategic. The only comment is that I think community is trying to operate with 4-5 tokens given away as a maximum even for good paying users. So maybe the below offer could be restructured to give away a maximum of 4-5 tokens maybe for buying less ton crystals than 500.

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About ( is a crypto hedge fund focused on cross-border crypto payment services in the African continent.

Key Total Stats

  • Registered users: 595,700
  • Active users: 260,300/month
  • Unique paying users: 188,000/year
  • Revenue: $21,000,000/year

Key Points

  • Focus on the markets of the African continents
  • Local fiat gateway supports: South African Rands, Nigerian Naira, Ghanaian Cedis


1) Valr ( ) is a reward-incentivized cross-border payment platform.

  • Registered users: 116,000
  • Active users: 43,000/month
  • Unique paying users: 36,000
  • ~60% South Africa, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria), Europe(~ 15% mostly UK), North America(~10 % US, Canada), Asia(15% South East Asia)
  • Revenue: $15,000,000/year

2) Ovex ( ) is South Africa’s largest OTC desk.

  • Registered users: 145,800
  • Active users: 78,800/month
  • Unique paying users: 42,000
  • Geography: African region(~75% Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa), Europe(~ 10% UK, France, Germany), North America(~15 % US, Canada), Asia(15% South East Asia)
  • Revenue: $2,500,000m/year

3) Chankura ( ) is one of the few South African crypto exchanges supporting several local fiat currencies.

  • Registered users: 201,000
  • Active users: 76,000/month
  • Unique paying users: 22,000
  • Geography: African region(~88% Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa), Europe(~5% UK, France, Germany, Spain) North America(~6% US, Canada), Asia(1% South East Asia)
  • Revenue: $2,500,000/year

4) ( , ) is a protocol for trading synthetic assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

  • Registered users: 132,900
  • Active users: 62,500/month
  • Unique paying users: 34,000
  • Geography: African region(~85% Southern Africa, West Africa, East Africa), Europe(~ 7% UK, France, Germany, Spain) North America(~15 % US, Canada), Asia(8% South East Asia)
  • Revenue: $756,000/year


Build the infrastructure by creating custody and wallet solutions of TON for the African continent.


  1. One-time reward of up to 10 TONs per user for up to 5% of user’s acquiring of TONs
  • a user buying
    • 20 TONs receives 1 TON1
    • 100 TONs receives 5 TONs
    • 500 TONs receives 5 TONs2
  1. Accept TON as payment method for paying for various fees at the services


  1. Create custody solution
  2. Create wallet with transfer and exchange features
  3. Create payment platform to accept TONs as payment method
  4. All other required changes in the existing interfaces and back-end flows

KPI (initial commitment)

  • Registered users: 595,700
  • Active users: 260,300/month
  • Unique paying users: 188,000/year
  • Revenue: $21,000,000/year
  • Token request: 1,375,000
    • Distribution: 940,0003
    • Company: 235,0004
    • Integration: 200,0005
  •’s TON address is 0:39b2e9d5bacac91cb46c0c1cfb0ee828ddd5ae4db54e8661547c472c3e37be7b

Token Allocation

  • 68% - Distribution
  • 17% - Company
  • 15% - Integration

Potential Next Steps

  • create Free TON asset on top of Ethereum using Hashcash solution

Disclaimer and its related companies have customers in the US, but no TONs will be distributed to any US persons or entities.

1This distribution is calculated as 10TONs * 5%.

2The bonus token is capped at 5 TONs per user.

3Distribution is vested over 12 months, subject to change based on actual speed of distribution.

4Company is distributed over 12 months, after 10% upfront payment.

5This covers the integration costs of all four companies.

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Do we really need this partnership ?

For the development of the Free TON community in the African continent, it is one of the most strategic ways.


I’d add that the geographic representation is also a very valuable factor for our community as a whole.


I think we need to position TON to get ahead of other networks within the African region of more than 1 billion population. This is the best opportunity to create adoption in markets that other blockchains aren’t competing. I fully support this partnership. Let’s move on with it.