NFT collection distributor generative art contest

Good day! Here’s my submission.
Repo : GitHub - AntonGulak/trueNFTCollection
Telegram : Telegram: Contact @gulak_a
Wallet : 0:d615e0d863c2cf14ea86d8da9b058b37204bcc651a1f0b4e0f3d03988fcd29c3

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One more submission.

Telegram: @DmKouzma
Wallet: 0:2c8cd5b9fca1a60ce7b639d5947772b43d72553055bcde76d1912bd95aa37346

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We have discovered that Collectible can not be created using Extraton wallet - it doesn’t allow for respective payload, which is relatively large, with all the data re multiple images, metadata etc.

To jurors: please use TON Crystal to create Collectible if you use test page

DevEx proposal status: voting.

Clarification of the list of the jury members for #47 NFT collection distributor generative art contest

It is proposed to amend the following parameters to the following contest:


Voting end date: 22/12/2021 23:59 UTC

Jury list:

Name Public Key Wallet
@bivanovsky 1a99622e54b4e87d603dd87c9cc936b388b2a0e1979bb56d4039cfad0fbadc8c 0:d2cd1ff399d441ca84c1585f634b60a16b65b46c27209fbd9cf928f97465bed2
@nerzh 764b4deb8d3dc8241b2972d9c94722f6a331cd4aabefa639cb02022f502407c9 0:6423878fd5def4223b558f4597be027f5cae26fdae19c84a8a59fe739aba120c
@ThomasSibutPinote 50384ec36bee19914526f436a0adf57d0c35389934b5aaca15db5b5e89f42aa0 0:95d0f87463175d9cfeb5fd62df6699d56de1fdecb5d823cae21de84aaba3ed12
@ded_mrz 9e808b1540babb85c428b9197b8df87860882d2db70607dfa134774a0513db30 0:b6ed2e819e29ac08c95af2e4d4b8fd7ad6179329e1c9712067ccdcfd4247820b
@YANMSK c696f383a2d839b9fc7c036ab145982e644a3f14d2a57cd9429729f8bcb79eab 0:fff3ff48a6f00c5eda84bbac4781735ab0e7994950f55493a85c967f295760e7
@zxcat 0f07a7cb924c7420520d0d98afad87d9b5e1765920fda698c22da6d0cd3354b9 0:5b833e39e1a1c4e971c7905fc5139e03831d5fc4746a4a3c8c799db1417b3279
@anovi 6bf867e7773038f9491b5d397cb7da8a20e112b45db9523cd8dae9deb608fb5a 0:70759025778f37fd98ddb2b22aa8f6c54708a2917902cb3929e354d290b41d6a

hi everyone! this is my short video explanation of how my submission (number 9) for NFT collection distributor generative art contest works:

GitHub: GitHub - SolderingArmor/liquid-nft

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Dear participants,
we are choosing a 3-hour time-slot for AMA session. Please, mark your availability here:

AMA session for participants of #47 NFT collection distributor generative art contest

Friday 21:00 MSK (18:00 UTC) we invited:
Saturday 18:00 MSK (15:00 UTC) we invited:
Jason (Tonium nft)
Monday 18:00 MSK (15:00 UTC) we invited:
and other teams

As was mentioned in AMA session, Submission 3 is now deployed to the FLD testnet.

Demo tNFT explorer:
(FLD is little bit laggy, don’t mint more than one time)

Root contract: blockchain explorer

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Author of submission number 4!

You did not provide your TG name or any other contacts in your submission. It could be a reason for reject. Please, contact me in direct to arrange timeslot for your AMA-session.
Thank you!

Автор работы №4!

Вы не указали свое имя TG или какие-либо другие контакты в своей заявке. Это могло быть поводом для Reject. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь со мной в личку, чтобы согласовать время для вашей AMA-сессии.

At the AMA session, it was noticed that not all REPOs are in our Submission # 7, we correct this error and indicate all the ways:

(this happened because before this project we were developing the Tonium NFT marketplace - and part of the finished code has been there for a long time - we just used it without changes or practically unchanged)

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Voting relaunch proposal for #47 NFT collection distributor generative art contest

Contest address: ​​0:f38080f210d115a370e684cf012efaa554973ec9d926f94f66657d23a04d6927

Since the opinions of the jury members radically differed on some works and there was a small number of ratings, in order to obtain an objective assessment of the submitted works, it is proposed:

  1. Relaunch voting procedure on the NTF contest with a deadline of 10/01/2022 23:59 UTC;
  2. Provide the opportunity to vote to all jury members from DevEx SubGov and invite some well known members from Formal Verification Subgov. The full list of 23 people is below.
  3. Give out rewards based on the results of a new vote.
TG name PubKey Wallet
lailune fb2fe560bfbdda910798e1365d9419ff6e0a75ed5262410b714f162434a88af6 0:c1f2b2941fe3ed16960c484db49186363ed4bbb7c825a8128f46d787f973ff2b
d_borisenkov 09e78ab9ceb5a0df34ecd4d70822848eba2d8cfc63fa05ef613b5d9a373b2a99 0:c0e99f42798f15ffb2255260a2418c3ce66cf3c7aa29f963471df88fb8839d47
inyellowbus f0c02482ac2a54691aba1e2c38b6cd7fd3708f9eb015058c7d85a939646715e7 0:e32a893972f7e88fc52697a087c417c8220b4ee415efa3ec26d3b69dacb840db
Custler 2c0ec55a109eb466d9db5ee7c3adb075e77627ade83ae17cea847671ab8f0a85 0:77772d4f5ecefb9e7ce02bca4a13cf81b65b4903ead16671e935850075fc6b4c
RRoman_Tver 49c1c8453240fced11141a690870924fb4d9e9eeb8ea6fae54b8549677fb8bd5 0:913b2dad8545cd9bb61885b95a94ac8602bf9171b0835cef25b0abcedf83a312
anovi 6bf867e7773038f9491b5d397cb7da8a20e112b45db9523cd8dae9deb608fb5a 0:70759025778f37fd98ddb2b22aa8f6c54708a2917902cb3929e354d290b41d6a
ded_mrz 9e808b1540babb85c428b9197b8df87860882d2db70607dfa134774a0513db30 0:b6ed2e819e29ac08c95af2e4d4b8fd7ad6179329e1c9712067ccdcfd4247820b
aleksandr_h 3bdb99452a6ed9138af385d035e0967250d0e2da6f58b90245f285daf250915c 0:625e7dda96d7b916d8779b1a44af8aa1e16e5cf6d029151207b0e359327ec7b9
zxcat 0f07a7cb924c7420520d0d98afad87d9b5e1765920fda698c22da6d0cd3354b9 0:5b833e39e1a1c4e971c7905fc5139e03831d5fc4746a4a3c8c799db1417b3279
bivanovsky 1a99622e54b4e87d603dd87c9cc936b388b2a0e1979bb56d4039cfad0fbadc8c 0:d2cd1ff399d441ca84c1585f634b60a16b65b46c27209fbd9cf928f97465bed2
get_username d89e20f2e164f4e64a3637cc6926baf66482bf8c875e4e7eebedd6f28024998c 0:32b2ab6941e3e08e98d1cb483f22bce8360643762405adf548d0fc785ae9879c
pafaul 7657b6b62ec6846e6341315ba3b8d611afe2ef79e8ee3214d45cc4ede3c50972 0:b68e4c06f8d547d12a08af03975e5130c2bd7dd1171fd0407a2875956ea7588d
Senitsky 2937d687e7b39d2ffd3fe8f33476ded49b6aec6ec5b57fac88407b8181ca8fd1 0:f9a5517af619a16d1615d0e24ec3fb4ee8f9944cfd67610ce6a355090680fa94
YANMSK c696f383a2d839b9fc7c036ab145982e644a3f14d2a57cd9429729f8bcb79eab 0:fff3ff48a6f00c5eda84bbac4781735ab0e7994950f55493a85c967f295760e7
nerzh 764b4deb8d3dc8241b2972d9c94722f6a331cd4aabefa639cb02022f502407c9 0:6423878fd5def4223b558f4597be027f5cae26fdae19c84a8a59fe739aba120c
SergeyEgorovSPb 67dd20b9a760ae538a7f24ebfbaaf09a7075b4617a7ad09c19503c2551f57d81 0:d0e20274758acb651930c5b9b7dfda330583624f0e4d0b8ffc63bc287c69c5e3
vadimrusakov e424edfc46631a1abd3875b8fa1c181f4e60dd8b745852d525559c7ebf8db38c 0:90e772545b0a3235f7fe808a6675d02dc3980e9e5eab05cb7682a94807a29468
fabrice_dune 4aca372ed9695ab42cc8ba7fd7f56d11c2401611c2d513bbc28beb5c7f4363a1 0:24a44423bc7edc2598b50ae87267bd06bc53455328e837dae32b9b7592716de7
Ovenstent 97d84615e5b248380b50802f354e7395f7f0d421557e867b9d1bd266306547e3 0:2b9a4bbe9fb10146225b44d244c83fdc299cf8d25f1ea224edf16848432b63ab
webcounters d7479123221af45d4ca1dd132aa5de45a6811820041838e555675d42144d40a8 0:a9ef47b6bec35e001d1f295b34b9ec9abc0ca5c8623de4f414b4fd0b0dc6ca08
andruiman cec27f6cfdadadc5da135875d5988019bd8a760fe6e16fe1f49459cf6d18f9e7 0:0a98551dd36a5dc65f4510362f3528dd195862a054aa70fcdd7ca8925a54ece4
ThomasSibutPinote 50384ec36bee19914526f436a0adf57d0c35389934b5aaca15db5b5e89f42aa0 0:95d0f87463175d9cfeb5fd62df6699d56de1fdecb5d823cae21de84aaba3ed12
unboxedtype 6ff61c1a7bb09795f7b5d5514dd710efb72e9557654d362ef208fde545ba7a33 0:ef3813861e4717bc5b34bbdc13b3498ad2b0198100f87b9fa28cd080854c4ad8

At the first voiting, all votes for 11’th submission was hi.

But now I see that first vote for Submission 11 was wrong.

The system has everything to implement NFT degen art distributor system.
The system can add media files via IPFS. It has ability to mint via interface or debot. It even has debots to sell and buy. And it has mass image generator too.

Contest proposal
says us that the result should be presented at AMA session.
We’ve done it. We demonstrated at AMA all necessary parts of functtionality and asked for all questions. If anybody need we can demonstrate it again.

#47 NFT collection distributor generative art contest is over.
We had 7 jury members this time so I think the results could be considered satisfactory.
Below is a final table.

1 place: 8,50 work#7 vatic
2 place: 8,33 work#9 SuperArmor
3 place: 8,00 work#12 AntonGulak
4,5 places: 7,33 work#3 waifuston
4,5 places: 7,33 work#6 keeno
6 place: 6,83 work#11 kouzma
7 place: 6,50 work#8 freetonsurfer
8 place: 4,80 work#2 roman.nguyen

Out of 11 real submissions, 8 are getting reward. Congratulations to the winners!

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Поздравляем ! Поздравляем !

Could you please explain, why these results don’t match the results presented on the gov interface?

Example: Submission #3 has 8.8 (1st place), but you wrote 7.33 (4/5th place)

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The same question was in theDevEx chat: Telegram: Contact @freeton_dev_exp
I will just copy it here.

Evgeniy Shishkin Pruvenda, FreeTON, [11 Jan 2022 11:45:18]:
Hi! Just to clarify the evaluation arithmetic. How come that waifuston (EverDucks), that, according to UI, received 8.80, was nevertheless put on the 4th or 5th place with 7.33 points?

Alexey Novikov, [11 Jan 2022 11:46:44]:
He got one reject, which is zero score.

Evgeniy Shishkin Pruvenda, FreeTON, [11 Jan 2022 11:48:23]:
Ah, I see. UI does the calculation wrong.

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Can you please clarify, what amount of EVERs will get these 2 submissions with the same scores?

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As they have equal number of score, they will have the same reward and they will share to sequences places.

4 place - 40K
5 place - 30K
Participants that are sharing 4 and 5 places will receive (40+30)/2=35K each.