Partnership Proposal by Changelly

I managed to buy Free ton Crystals on Changelly. Nice work!

I tried buying tons here but it wasn’t listed. see screenshot below!

Hi Eric, any updates?
looks interesting, you are on the right way.

Support from my side.

Уважаемые боты, вы хотя бы аватарки надели бы - для убедительности :slight_smile:

It’s sad that exchange of ton crystals to crypto is available only in pro version

Did you try the PRO VERSION? How is it?

Привет, ребята, на самом деле,все еще подходящий кошелек.

С chatex перевод сколько стоит.

I think changelly offers better exchange rates relatively to other well known wallets. I would really be excited to see the integration process of TON tokens to Changelly complete, many hopes for TON’s rise. TON really has great opportuinity to get more popular through such proposals. Way to go!

Кажется, классическая комиссия 30$ если на сети ethereum.
Опять же, зависит от сети.

Кто как пробовал кстати?

good job!
pls share the link to your telegram channel

that’s a great job.
Keep us posted on updates

а чем отличается от кошельков-конкурентов?
вроде все как у всех

great job Eric,

Looking forward to updates for Step 4.

Will there be somo more TON giveaways on from changelly soon?