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Partnership Proposal - Clicksoft/ Handup (TBCAD)

This is the best proposal I have come across so far. A project that focuses on solving problems and issues that common mwananchi have been facing. This will bring farming to another different level👌


It’s really a great proposal which will tackle most of the challenges we are facing on daily basis.


Отличный способ для реализации прямых возможностей блокчейна и всей эко-системы Free Ton :+1:


Do you have MVP? I think it is important for partnerships proposals.


Awesome work! Looking forward to its implementation :+1:

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Looking through the challenges faced by the agricultural sector across the continent, this proposal is a right step to start addressing them and what better way than block chain )

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Analytical report Clicksoft & Handup

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.



#Clicksoft & Handup


Thank you analytics team for the good work, we acknowledge the report and its finding. We are also aware of some missing links in matters of online presence and internet validation. We would like to share a response document highlighting our existence as a registered company within Eastern Africa. Also detailed with reference our most valuable customers who we have worked with and are willing to validate our working relationships. Clicksoft Limited.pdf - Google Drive

The most important aspect of the program is the assistance you are extending to the farmers and the benefits they are gaining from the existing gaps you are bridging, be they between: farmer-consumer, rural-urban, digital-analog, production-marketing, even the elders-younger, and also seeking for global partnerships on their behalf, which is also a gap in itself. Good job, keep at it.

We have sent a request: to confirm or deny your partnership with the organizations indicated in the pdf file.
No response has been received yet.

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Hello,am sure they’ll get intouch. Probably most don’t check emails in the weekends

an update, I just got in touch with one of them and it appears the emails sent from Freeton analytics group gets sent to the spam box.
same case happened to an email sent to one of our partners the C.E.O for Hand Up development organization from the analytics team.

Thanks. We have got one answer.

But we cannot find proofs of the partnership between Clicksoft and SGA Security Ltd

Can you somehow prove the partnership?

There are 2 sites with the same design

In addition to our analytical report, our team prepared an interview



3 Likes this is the company website while is the leave and attendance management system we made for them … as for proof, they can verify from their end about the ownership, development and maintenance of the leave and attendance management system

This analytic report doesn’t contain confidential information, it is completely based on the data available in the open sources and intended only for the Free TON community.
All conclusions are subjective and cannot be taken as advice for action. The analytic team is not liable for any loss that you incur directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with advice, data, information, estimates, projections, or forward-looking statements provided in the analytic report.




Hello, this is totally understandable

Analytical report on Clicksoft/ Handup (TBCAD) All information is collected from public sources. This report does not violate the Federal Law of the Russian Federation of July 27, 2006 No. 152-FZ “On Personal Data”.

Аналитический отчет по Clicksoft/ Handup (TBCAD) Вся информация собрана из публичных источников. Данный отчет не нарушает Федеральный закон РФ от 27 июля 2006 года № 152-ФЗ «О персональных данных».