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PartnerTrack: Idea for onboarding & supporting partners, Broxus acts as an angel

Awesome! Perfect proposal.


This could be useful.


good project, i support, but this :frowning_face:


Not to leave some just generic “I support” comment or anything, but what’s not to like? It potentially solves so many partnering issues and asks for nothing in return other than support from the community and involvement from talented individuals. It’s great!


Just do it! like this idea))


Эту идею нужно не просто поддержать, она обязательна. Я давно голову ломаю над похожей идеей, но представлял её себе как «Биржу идей» на офф сайте Free TON. То, что здесь предложено, намного лучше. Отдельный домен и система голосования за предложения, продумана поддержка поэтапно развивающихся проектов. Супер!


Good idea. Please, post link to test it when posible.

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Моя поддержка, если реализуют все так как написано, то избавимся от многих насущных проблем! Удачи с проектом!
My support, if implemented as written, we will get rid of many pressing problems! Good luck with the project!

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Great proposal! Very much needed alternative to current approach

Let me know if I can help in any way …

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Thank you very much for your support!
Sorry, but I do not understand what is wrong with the quote?

Thanks for the support. Yes, of course, the link will be posted as soon as the resource is launched for the community to test the resource)

Cheers, A new update of our development has arrived!)

We fully completed the personal area. So now it has functions:

  • see the projects that you supported
  • view and top up your balance
  • trace all your transactions
  • write to the creator of the resource

Yeah, for now, we’ve created the project for our facilities. But also we need community participation in creation and support!


Below you can see how the new features on the resource look now:

  1. Personal area

  2. Your balance

  3. And a page for contact us

Love it)

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The most important component is ready - a form for creating a project!

I analyzed the descriptions of partnerships on the forum and the requirements for them, and tried to create a convenient form. The form has all the tools: you can insert tables, links, images, numbering, quotes, etc.

The form consists of 5 steps. At each step, you reveal one of the topics about your proposal:

Step 1: about your business
Step 2: the essence of the partnership
Step 3: business metrics
Step 4: implementation process
Step 5: what support is needed

It is not necessary to write all the information at once. You can complete one or more steps, save them, and add the rest of the information after a few days.

Projects that you have not completed in full will be reflected in your personal account, in the “My Projects” section, marked “Draft”.

We also prepared answers to the questions that you have, i.e. FAQ)

We are already at the last stages of project development. I look forward to showing it to everyone soon!

What do you think about form? They are shown below in the images:
Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Step 4:

Step 5:


awesome analysis done!
well elaborated structure
i would suggest to add max characters for each field/ paragraph. long reads are never read :slight_smile:

Thank you, this is a smart idea!
Some fields already have restrictions. But I agree that it is worth considering the maximum number for all fields so that people do not give up reading halfway

Have news? есть новости?

Yes, I will describe them shortly