Free TON

PHP binding library for TON-SDK by extraTON has released

ExtraTON team would like to announce PHP binding library for TON-SDK.

Extraton is a simple and powerful php-library to binding with the TON SDK. It allows to interact with FreeTON blockchain. It has the rich abilities:

  • All methods of the TON SDK v1.0.0 are implemented
  • Interaction with the TON SDK through an asynchronous calls
  • The every method contains inline-doc
  • The full autocomplete is available in a such IDE like the PHPStorm
  • Simple installation by the Composer package manager
  • The automatic download of the TON SDK library for the current environment
  • The client auto configuration (out-of-the-box)
  • Covered by the unit-tests
  • Fully covered by the integration tests
  • Tools to maintain code quality (static analyser and codestyle checker)
  • Tools to the quick start to develop (see Dockerfile + Makefile)
  • The error handling by the general exception interface (see src/Exception)
  • Using generators to iterate the asynchronous events
  • You can add your own client implementation based on FFIAdapter and Binding
  • A simple interface to the graphql requests
  • Temporary logs creation for the detailed analysis on integration tests running