Free TON

Pre-requisites before starting any kind of branding activity

every company should consider some simple but must-have principles/concepts/policies before starting any kind of advertising/promotion/marketing activity. else the activities will have low efficiency and not a desirable outputs. by defining these kind of standards we will reach conceptual and visual consistency that is very important in brand management.

here I just defined my personal opinions for the FreeTON:

  1. brand name: FreeTON , not Free TON or freeTON or freeton
  2. hashtag: #FreeTON , not #Free_TON or #freeton
  3. brand essence : it is cryptocurrecy coin , it has highest performance (millions TPS) , it is governed as a DAO
  4. logo (include logo type and logo): I think currently we don’t have this one, needs a contest
  5. colors sequence: I think currently we also don’t have this one

because of lack of this standardization some issues are sprouting out:

1- name
* misconception about the word “Free” as gratis or complimentary when we use Free TON instead of FreeTON
* translation of the word “free” in other languages like here

3- brand essence
* some how most of the times we use the word “token” instead of “coin”, explained here

4- logo
* currently we don’t have a logotype and the icon must be differentiator but is not. explained here

5- color sequence
* designing marketing materials without having color sequence will probably lead to losing visual consistency. explained here


Any comments from other community members? Any thoughts?