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Proposal: Combining the budget of multisig addresses

Proposal: Combining the budget of multisig addresses

This offer is created to combine the balances of multisig addresses of Analytics & Support Sub-Governance. The funds intended for the planned contests remained at the old address.

In connection with the update of the Analytics & Support Sub-Governance initial members on February 12, 2021. It is necessary to transfer the tokens (69,756 TON Crystal) remaining on the old multisig address to the new multisig address with the current composition of the initial member Analytics & Support Sub-Governance.

Previous multisig address: 0:e7675f4d26ee7d7940ed46bde853c447c94c25cc98020a7123779d822abcbd76

New multisig address:


Successfully completed :heavy_check_mark:

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