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Proposal: Relaunching/extending the brand identity contest with higher prizes & some rule changes

Short description

The identity contest is one of the most important contests that the W&D SG will ever have and it will shape the branding side of Free TON blockchain forever. In order to have better results, I propose to extend or relaunch the contest with higher amount of prizes & new rules that ensures the originality & quality of the submissions.


In order to incentivize more designers to contribute & have better submissions in terms of quality & originality, we can review the prize pool & some rules in the contest & if we reach consensus in the community, we can start it over.

Suggested submission period: 5 June 2021 at 00:00 UTC – 25 June 2021 at 23:59 UTC
Suggested judging period: 26 June 2021 at 00:00 UTC – 5 July 2021 at 23:59 UTC

Suggested rules to be added:

  • Design should be original. Complete or partial inspration or copying existing designs will result submission to be rejected.
  • The diamond shape should be kept as a fundumental structure but new designs should be presented. The submissions with tiny changes in the previous design scheme (e.g. coloring the previous logo or making an outline of old design) will be rejected.

Suggested prize pool:

  • 1st place…20,000 TONs
  • 2nd place…15,000 TONs
  • 3rd place…10,000 TONs
  • 4th place…7,000 TONs
  • 5th place…5,000 TONs
  • 6-10th place…3,000 TONs each
    Total amount: 72,000 TONs

Do you agree that the identity contest should be relaunched/extended with new rules & prize pool?

  • Yes
  • No

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by checking all current submissions concluded that contest should be relaunched for best works to get free ton official logo.

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I see no point for any decent designer to participate in this contest as there no guarantee that it can be relaunched over and over.

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You guys better offer something more logical and respectful towards current participants. E.g. start another brand identity contest what will not affect the results of the contest that has already ended.


Free Ton haven’t its official identity yet?
Can anyone clear my doubt because we want to create a report on free ton project.

It has one, but it might get rebranded soon

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And I’m just for that. Precisely because there were few decent designers. Can you point out your decent design to understand what exactly you stand for?


I am not a designer myself, so will not judge other ppl’s work. Although, there is an option that I like (I would not go into details not to demotivate participants).

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Thanks for the information.
Free ton community is relaunching contest to design the best logo ?

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Or maybe participants respect Free TON by NOT submitting a gradient or outline of previous logo?

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If you’re not a designer, you can leave it to people who are.
Increasing the prizes means valuing those who actually have put some efforts in their designs.


There are some decent options to choose from. Although, I can see where your rage comes from. It is sad you missed this submission deadline and can not get some free $$$. But do not worry, you just need to work a bit more on your time management skills.

P.S. You would probably submit something similar to your logo, wouldn’t you?

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You told me this in the group & got your answer there. No need to repeat. Also no need to make a fake account to say all this :smiley: Wish you had guts to talk with your own account

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In what group? Just show me the person you mean and I can disclose my personal details to you if you want so lol

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Возобновление конкурса будет? Когда? Какие условия дополнительные?

They didn’t accept the proposal… Unfortunately…

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“Дизайнеры”… От слова “дизентерия”.
На свои “творения” посмотрите чужим взглядом. Со стороны. Это жуть. Дети 3х-4х лет более умело творят. В основном такой ужас… Желание денег за говежный дизайн.

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This one is an impressive proposal.

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They didn’t accept it…

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Free ton isn’t doing well.