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Proposal: Request for Fair Judgment. Unfair Judging of the Contest: Animated Stickers from the Korean Subgovernance

When there was a competition for promotion, even when Khokhlov received 40k for a school video, I did not have time to submit the work, 10 minutes were not enough, I did a lot of real work on social networks, etc. and just posted the result on the forum. Ron then told me in the blockchain in pdf file was written deadline and it cannot be changed. I didn’t say nothing, because what written in the blockchain - is a law. And now it turns out no longer. Double standarts.


I am agree with you :100: %

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Вы точно не мученик, своим кейсом вы обогатили опыт сообщества, за что спасибо.

Замечу, что в Корее, немного иное отношение к криптовалютам, это легально и это бизнес (не фриланс, не энтузиазм, не что-то имеющее риск и неочевидную законную базу), с 1.10. 21 ещё и налоги платить будут. А теперь представьте разницу в подходах.


Все же знают, что правила созданы для того чтобы их нарушать :wink:

Я думаю, это уже и так не раз случалось, если пройтись по всех СабГовах. Неточность в формулировке - поле для фантазии.

Лучше: “Понять и простить” :smirk:

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Я тоже стал жертвой неправомерного судейства. Я потратил много дней на подборку образа и отрисовку. Никто из нас не требует безоговорочной компенсации, просто все участники хотят, чтобы их работы оценили по достоинству согласно правилам. Привязка к менталитету Кореи здесь не причем. Такая ситуация могла произойти в любом конкурсе, и я хочу чтобы в будущем такого не происходило. Спасибо топикстартеру что поднял эту тему. Буду следить за развитием и надеятся на лучшее.

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agree with author.
korean community already accepted foreign work (broxus)
now they talk that foreigners can’t participate in contests.
proposal does not exclude participation of foreigners(except U.S.)
so - ?

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You don’t have to get in someone else’s head! Better follow the project closer: what happens, where it happens and why it happens.

Let’s be honest, everyone understands the disappointment of those who complain: easy token win did not happen… unfortunately. It was necessary to follow closely the idea of the Korean SubGov creation: definitely not for the organization of Russian contests :slight_smile:

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I admire the cohesion of the Koreans, and the Russians, as always, have envy that someone can get something. Animated stickers are 2-3 weeks of full time work, what kind of easy money are we talking about? I am acting by the rules, enough to weave the mentality of Koreans. There is no difference Russian Korean Mexican French German and so on, there are accepted rules and all this concerns everyone.
Don’t want to help us, no one forces you, but it’s enough to evaluate us only from the position of profit.
And write not to me but to all participants. Stop looking for the root of evil in me.

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This is what you submitted to the Korean contest (Submission no. 11) in FULL ENGLISH!! Do you really expect Koreans to understand what you wrote down this way? You may have used a google translator to understand what they posted, but can you really say that you fully understood it? Check this out, please.

Here “국내” means “DOMESTIC” if you merely use a translator. In truth, they say “국내” in their daily lives to precisely mean “INSIDE KOREA!!” 국 -> KOREA, 내 -> “INSIDE”

Please check this out too (original link here)

Even if they did NOT explicitly say that only those who live in Korea can participate, it indirectly but clearly (in their own cultural style) meant this is a contest for “국내.” It’s something you probably never understood by just using a translator, but any Korean would immediately understand what it means when they hear or see the word “국내.” Culturally, they are reluctant to say or mention “KOREA” directly. They always say “Domestic(국내)” to mean “Korea” or “Inside Korea” or even “Only Korea.” It can be slightly different depending on situations, however, they obviously wrote it down there. You may again say that this subtle cultural difference was never written down or even explained in their PDF. If so, I don’t know how they can help you understand some specific words they use in certain situations.

You said you STUDIED Korean culture to make these stickers too. I don’t really understand which part of this actually exhibits your study of the Korean culture.

Please check this out too.

Would you please tell me if Koreans would believe they can see this kind of tropical tree where they live, mostly in Seoul, Gyeonggi, or Busan? (There is only one distant island you can see this tree in Korea, where they intentionally planted it to make it look like a FOREIGN ISLAND to attract tourists.) Kindly ask any Koreans if they see this tree in any of their cities including Seoul, Busan, Paju, Bundang, Naju, Ulsan, Jeonju, any other places you name it. To me, it looks like DUBAI! This sort of tree has just never been a part of Korea. Koreans have to take a flight to see this tree!!

In their culture, Koreans do NOT directly say what they’ve got in mind especially when they disagree. It does NOT mean someone who speaks up always win. What you did on their Telegram Group Chat was, honestly speaking, ugly. It shows how ignorant you are of their culture even if you claim you studied Korean culture.

Please be honest. You are upset because you couldn’t have taken any tokens from that Korean contest. (In their Non-animated Sticker Contest, you are one of the winners!!) You are going into specifics to find loopholes to blame for claiming your tokens. If you want more tokens, why don’t you submit a proposal in English to the global community?


Totally same story!!
my Sub #30 was rejected for the same reasons!

it’s horrible how much energy and effort I put onto this!
following all the rules of the contest!
and get this result and these reasons for rejection!

Full! Full support to @encipher !
thank you for doing this :pray:

Screen Shot 2020-12-17 at 18.40.09


English is an international language. How can you understand Freeton technology without knowing English? And yes there is a google translator at the end. At least I made a description, in contrast to some accepted works, where there is simply a link to stickers on a white background.

The tiger is the national animal of Korea. Many Koreans are stately, always stylishly strictly dressed, with a neat fashionable hairstyle, like a tiger.

Okay, this is a collective image of relaxation. I also live where there are no tropical trees. Yes, this is already a bit like an objective assessment, which should have been indicated in the comments. But is a mistake in one sticker worthy of rejection? I think no.

Again I assure you that I did not participate in that rude conversation. I cannot be responsible for other people. I only wrote here carefully choosing my words.

I wanted to draw an analogy with the comments of the judges and the work of the winners. But I realized that this is not correct. Although the same comments can be applied to most works and rejected. I found no difference between rejected and accepted entries.

That is why I am writing here because I understand that the Korean jury cannot be persuaded.
And if you have carefully read the proposal, then I am referring to main governance.

As a topicstarter, I’m certainly not very pleased that only my work has been completely disassembled and criticized. Although I am writing on behalf of the group! But I understand that this is the share of the initiator.

There are many criteria for judging. But alas, we didn’t even bother to evaluate.

The work has been done. The work brought real new users, which I described. All participants made an effort.
That is why I now ask the global community to assess our work.

I understand that people may not agree with the terms offered in the PDF. We’re just here for dialogue.

If there are any other proposals, we are always ready to discuss to find a compromise.

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Why that everyone has already forgotten about our problem? The topic has already garnered more constructive opinions than most of the accepted proposals. Or we must make investigation in this theme too? Do you need to provide screenshots of the accepted statements with 5 comments?

Why is the topic left without attention and a chance to accept? I already wrote about a request to comment on changing the conditions of the prize money, if you think the initial conditions are not suitable. But don’t forget about us and ignore.

Many people say that you need to write constructive proposals on the forum and they will hear us. But once again I see that it does not help! But couldn’t it be even more constructive to paint this topic? Probably the only problem is that we do not know a initial member personally and acquaintances will not help us, although personally I have been here since the launch of the network. And in the beginning i helped and did everything with pure enthusiasm. We deserve such gratitude?

You are all see a results of work, and you can’t call us bums or beggars.

We are 10+ people stay here, and if we cannot put our petition to a vote, then what kind of complete decentralization are you talking about?

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meanwhile, more and more users install stickers and learn about FreeTON

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:scroll:The result of submitting a proposal for fair judging for unlawfully rejected work.
:do_not_litter:Unfortunately, after the last meetup of 01/12/21, we were made clear that our question is of no interest to anyone. Drafting a proposal and constructive discussion does not guarantee that the topic will be considered. Now we have no other choice but to simply ask the people’s court. Here I have prepared for you a list of stickers that have been rejected for ethnicity.
:white_check_mark:If you like the work, you can thank the author - transfer to his wallet as much as you see fit. Open and honest, decentralization as it is.

:scroll:Результат подачи предложения о проведение справедливого судейства для неправомерно отклоненных работ.
:do_not_litter:К сожалению, после последнего митапа от 12.01.21, нам ясно дали понять, что наш вопрос никого не интересует. Составление предложения и конструктивная дисскуссия не дает гарантий, что тема будет рассмотрена. Теперь у нас нет другого выхода, как просто просить народного суда. Здесь я подготовил для вас список стикеров, которые были отвергнуты по национальному признаку:
:white_check_mark:Если вам нравится работа, вы можете отблагодарить автора - перечислить на его кошелек сколько посчитаете нужным. Открыто и честно, децентрализация как есть.

Press link to donate author of sticker

Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
:five: :point_right:
Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
Press link to donate author of sticker
:one::one: :point_right:
Press link to donate author of sticker

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