Proposal: Retail Staking Boost Program (Pilot)

It cannot be more than RustCup, where validators have been competiting for more than 6 months, and where incentives are less than your proposal.
Cannot be accepted with these terms

Поддерживаю, но хотел бы увидеть возможность снятия процентов на обычный счёт.


Трудно такое не поддержать!)

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Not very clear

Pilot is 3 month, but the least blocking time is 6 month… do you mean this 3 month is open for staking, but staking end date can be out of that 3 month?


3 months for the pilot itself, which includes various activities, including an advertising campaign, to attract new people to Free TON. And 6-24 is a period of lock.

Something like “During 3 months make a stake with locking period from 6 to 24 months”


Got you @SkyAnn, thanks!

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So, I’m happy to announce you the final version of this proposal!

Proposal: Retail Staking Boost Program (Pilot)


Staking is a good starting point for any community member to get involved into the Free TON ecosystem. But what if the community is offered a higher APY (annual percentage yield) but with a longer lock of their tokens?

Where tokens (money) are, there is the crowd. Staking Boost can be the center of a stand-alone PR & Marketing campaign - through the prism of additional rewards we can tell about Free TON.

Retail Staking Boost DeBot Program

During the pilot 3 months of the program, users will be able to stake their TONs using a specially developed Staking Boost DeBot. Based on the amount of staked TONs (per 1 transaction) and the duration of the lock period, the users will receive a higher APY.

Staking Boost DeBot reward model
On top of the ordinary staking the users will receive the following rewards:

Months 6 12 18 24
100 000+ 9% 11% 13% 15%
10 000 — 99 000 7% 9% 11% 13%
1 000 — 9999 5% 7% 9% 11%
100—999 3% 5% 7% 9%

Within this program the following solutions and products to be developed:

  • smart-contract system
  • confirmation service
  • DeBot

Wallets to participate in the program: Kilox, Lumi and Surf.


High APY percent is the perfect message to deliver to the external audience - start your communication with Free TON. Having a simple message as the entry point for the new users, it will be much easier to grow their interest in more complicated/technological aspects of the network.

PR & Marketing campaign will include the following initiatives:

  • PR distribution
  • articles’ placements
  • banner ads
  • social promo

As part of the promotional support of the program a landing page will be created to explain the concept and gather traffic.

Future steps

The Program will have clear data about the amount of tokens that were attracted to Staking Boost DeBot and locked for specific time periods. The analysis of this data will show how this initiative can be scaled through attracting validators/DePools and wallet developers to the next stage of the program. The future participants will be voted by DAO.

Token request

For the realization of the pilot program (duration - 3 months) we ask for the following amounts of tokens:

  • Incentivization for staking - 2 000 000 TON
  • Development - 50 000 TON
  • Promotion - 250 000 TON

Total amount of 2 300 000 TON should be transferred to the following multisignature wallet address.

Multisig Wallet

A multisig 3/5 wallet has been setup to receive the funds, with the following custodians:

  • TON Labs Public key: f9e715c8ac817823ca9099e3dc566b05e72da641e895b59d46a9246bf2378692
  • Governance Public Key: dd5994f3825c3a0c6c0d2b4ceca2a48bc71c52bd29b181d9eed71696fc4220dc
  • Surf Public Key: 9f18f0603225fdd719b9e7b5477db89f84b01bcac2a6892ad3fbb80970af0fdd
  • Kilox Public Key: 2594324e5e27c9ee6de968f1bd48ea0052dd9ee872de30fe5c14d8cde6e89245
  • Lumi Public Key: c843d424bba89625d64fb592975180023e46b499388856fa832e287484adc4aa

The multisig address is:

Proposal in pdf:
Proposal_ Retail Staking Boost Program (Pilot).pdf (68.7 KB)


подскажите, на какие депулы будет отправлять стейки дебот?
будет специальный смарт контракт депула?
не поддерживаю данное предложение, в ближайшем времени будут депулы призёров rust cup, думаю на них нужно ориентироваться

tell me, which depools will the debot send stakes to?
will there be a special depool smart contract?
I do not support this suggestion, in the near future there will be depools of the winners of the rust cap, I think they should be guided by


Very soon 200+ RustCup DePools with increased profitability will be launched. I see no need for a parallel program. Rust Cup participants worked day and night for more than 7 months and incurred the real costs of maintaining the test network in order to be able to launch premium DePools. I DO NOT SUPPORT this proposal.


This proposal has already been accepted…

You guys made this proposal, without thinking about RustCup 7months participants, who spent 7 months of their lifes to help the network go to the new iteration! Listen,7 months its approximately ~0.5% of the human life!! People made this choice because they DO BELIEVE in this project! How dare you are to ruin their lifes?
Im saying NO to this proposal!


I think any such programs should be built on top of boost rewards of Rust Cup. Community can provide additional tokens to be places in one of the RustCup depools for a long period of time to be used as a short term boost for retail investors


You are awesome!

  1. Get idea
  2. Write proposal and ask money for development and incentives
  3. Let the Magic happen!

Sarcasm * :slightly_smiling_face: It reminds me famous Russian movie “Generation P”
Awarded to a hamster at the beekeeping institute! Why today? - Mood is good;)

I am against this proposal. There will be 200 DePools coming soon with a better interest rate of 20%.

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Are you going to spend tokens to increase the rate? This was tried in many countries and everywhere it led to a short-term improvement, and then to a very severe collapse of the currency rate. It was because it became a pyramid. Drop this idea. Even dull token burning will provide more benefits.

Вы собираетесь тратить токены на поддержание курса? Это пробовали делать во многих странах и везде это приводило к кратковременному улучшению, а затем к очень жёсткому обрушению курса. Потому что это становилось пирамидой. Бросьте эту затею. Даже тупое сжигание токенов даст больше пользы.


Прошу добавить функцию вывода награды за стейкинг на отдельный счет! Я хотел бы положить на счет сына, и что бы он получал только награду. Спасибо

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