Free TON

Proposal: TON integration in Trust Wallet

Will ping you when/if this proposal passes. Thanks!

Nice and creative idea!

However, we need to somehow make sure that full DeBot support will be implemented (otherwise what’s the point). Maybe a mechanism including a Free TON contest for implementation assistance.

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Lets talk about this when we cross that bridge - we ain’t there yet :slight_smile:

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BSC Network is the same as Ethereum Network. I think we need to modify Ethereum bridge for BSC bridge.

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Well thought out and a great idea. :slight_smile:


Gentlemen Initiates, let’s hurry up with the vote, while it looks very reasonable, all who know Trust understands perfectly well what it’s about, it may turn out that in a week you have to pay 10 times more!

I’d be keen to hear a few more specifics on stage two and how you plan to go about this, but other than this a very promising proposal which will be incredibly beneficial if/when successful. I’m in favour.

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Thanks for the support, Ben!

As I see Stage 2: we publish this information both at our forum and Trust Wallet’s forum as well. Plus, TW has a number of very active international chats. As this ‘project’ is of interest to their community, I think, we should not have any problems with having this news item posted there as well.

On top of that, we have CT and - news about cooperation of 2 communities that share principals of decentralised governance is pretty cool as well.

But, of course, any ideas are welcome.


This is a good idea to see how to communities can work together while they are both having decentralized governance. Even if TON doesn’t win the voting, it’s a great topic for news and chat discussions

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I talk with Viktor Radchenko (TW Founder) 2 months ago about Free TON support, and he answered in formal terms about this, just send to their New Blockchain Support - Trust Developer ))), but I’m pretty sure he is one of the major TWT holders). I can try do it again, but I think at first we need to match their main criteria - “The native coin is listed in the top 30 coins on CoinMarketCap”

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also talked with Radchenko, integration there is impossible until the conditions are met. And integration there is free))) I certainly do not mind such a partnerand I will be very happy , but he just now said that it is unlikely this will pass

@casper_ru @RustamOm you’re both talking about a model of integration when a new blockchain/coin meets certain criteria. But this proposal is more about community involvement.

Trust Wallet Token (TWT) holders are given the chance to have their voice be heard and put up a proposal thru our Governance Platform. This will require a minimum 1,000,000 TWT BEP20 tokens in order to submit a proposal. You can create a proposal and have the entire Trust Wallet Community as your voters.

Basically, the main idea of this proposal is not adding TON to Trust Wallet (what will be good, of course, but can’t be predicted) but to have TWT holders to be involved. Sort of a cross-communities initiative.

Baring in mind that such a news item as ‘Trust Wallet and Free TON communities vote for Free TON to be integrated in Trust Wallet’ could be supported by FT partners like cointelegraph and, we start creating news that can be of interest to crypto-community world-wide. This part of the proposal is pretty essential as gives us extra promo which we need.

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окай))) а cointelegraph с это худшие инвестиции ИМХО и пруфы имеются, просто не все любят ошибки признавать.

What is this proposal about? Do you already have a list of holders ready? Can you guarantee result?

It looks like a waste of tokens.

This contest is all about introducing Free TON and its native token to Trust Wallet community. If TW community supports the integration by voting in their governance, TON has a chance to be added to Trust Wallet. While such an event is a nice PR issue as it is - two communities that share the views on decentralized governance.

The result of the voting can not be guaranteed as it is all up to TW community and their votes. Thus, if stages are not completed, the tokens are not distributed.

It might actually work, TrustWallet has good and fair governance principles. I wonder how the search of the TWT holders will be performed, be glad if there were some details in the proposal, it’s the main obstacle on the free ton side imho.

Actually, we need to find 1 hodler of TWT with the stake of 1M tokens, convince him to publish a proposal - and that is the start. I’ve been monitoring TW community to see what’s what, have some ideas.

When the proposal is online, the news items will be drafted and offered to CT and With their support the process should go smoothly.

In any case, if nothing of the above happens, no tokens are allocated. So, there is no downside in moving forward with this idea. As far as I see it.

Ok, let’s try to find this holder, I’ll ask among the people I know and come back with feedback.

I’m not performing any super-active actions at this point as the proposal might not go to voting. When it’s up for the voting and accepted, will start to as doing it before might make one look stupid :slight_smile:

I like the wallet itself, but I’m strongly against how this proposal is organized.