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''Proposal''Ambassador Program

I am writing this article for the community to evaluate on it.

Advertising marketing is required for the project to be adopted and known people. No matter how good the project is, it is important that it is adopted by people.

The Ambassador program is a great way to do this. We can include many ambassadors from each country in the program. The ambassadors working in the project work to promote the project, establish a community and increase the adoption. We reward them for every work they do.

We can prepare a program for ambassadors.

‘‘Numbers are for examples only’’

For example, we can find at least 3 ambassadors from each country.

Program Draft:

**Content can be anything from articles, blog posts, infographics, videos, interviews, etc.

**Webinars or web conferences are an amazing way to provide insights and information to an audience that may be great geographic distances from each other.

Represent Ton at a local Hackathon

Ambassadors can do the tasks listed above and we can give a reward for each task.

We can prepare a program as follows. I repeat the figures are for example only.


Write an article, news, rewiev, blog post, videos for the project = 500 TON ‘‘If you post on your own blog’’

Publish by 3rd party = 1500 TON

Infographics = 300 TON

Translation ( per 1000 words) 250 TON

Review Video = 750 TON

Meetup / Webinar

Meetup ( min 15 people ) = 1500 TON

Webinar = ( min 10 people ) = 1000 TON

Hackathon = 1000 TON


Community ( Telegram, twitter, ‘‘min 750 people’’ ) 1000 TON

The above program is just an example. However, it is important to announce the project and make people accept it. We can hold this tender with our own ambassadors instead of giving them to media companies. Because the ambassadors will think and do the best for the project. In this way, we can hear we voice in every country and build a large ecosystem.

What I wrote above is just an idea. I forward this idea to you for your consideration.


Great idea! Thank you!


Very interesting idea!

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@Roman_D is not a new idea. Many projects make such programs. But I can say that it works well.

I like it! Good idea.

I’m glad you like it. If we give these tasks to the ambassadors, we can benefit more from the program. because the ambassadors will create these contents as a team, not like a media company. In this way, we have content all over the world and everybody hears our voices. all we need to do is find the ambassadors of big interaction. if you allow me, I can create a real program. And I can issue an ambassador’s entry document. but still this is an idea. it is up to the community to implement it.


Why not draft a contest proposal in the style and format as we’ve used? After all, you draft, it get proposed, then comes debate, and then it’s either accepted or not. We need to make more contests and distribute tokens, so yes, absolutely.

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Sounds good!
minimums must be much more

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I want to be an ambassador too!

Did the team discuss this idea?