Free TON

Proposed candidates for the use of DeNS and governance token from SMM Sub-governance


We offer candidacies of active community members to use the DeNS system and governance token, interact with smart contacts, conduct voting, DeBots.




Active community members will allow you to take part in voting for proposals and competitions, interaction with DeBots, assigning marks as a jury, etc.


Below is the data in the table:

From SMM Sub-governance

Name Nickname in Telegram Public key Free TON Address Reason
1 WoneyFest @moqub 62376bfeca2babaac5562354bf2d50237b51b1103e15bbc075c574a796a1f890 0:a19bb3f75057490fd24c79f23c784db573bdf17dd75c955565b9ba3d439b5c3a Active participant in smm activities, developer, tester
2 Darkwing @ducktalesblock 3fe1889a81a1941b0f86bef70998e1625170f36789ec9e8645f32ffd54b8bee9 0:c0efbaaa82ea20862cc7b49fdd57288275eae56ff92832c5c948a37943888691 IM of SMM, active member in number of SG, developer and many others:)
3 giarmul @giarmul dec610166db153be9030429a3504ef3d496bc1a328ec87766779168e4f0ff44e 0:661a96633abfdbd0ea3881bb64f270ce0239860b46d1f760004e1de9e2c2dfa3 Active participant of smm on early stages
4 Senya @senya_dz 7ee520d94a4df7cda9d8e4a8354c0787decd1bd7837f1bb4412959881e2e312f 0:28f1f2b44107f3619bc9e6374966747064636bbd5ed4f0473a873a41ab126f49 Initial member, jury, active participant in all activities
5 Grigoriy @Grigoriy2000 fd9333c65b8ac909f74a9f905bd8e95c4019c62bb9cfdbc65f50e3ac081d2577 0:4cb8ec1104567e93081aef709360da83cbdac13cd578dd01b98395052102739f Initial member, jury, active participant in all activities
6 Katya @kekerya b86a93f61407d52e6a12684c1539d2e1404c43fc3725a9bb800f40cb9a1320a1 0:e8cfa8749a30449479d85e65105652c3d18bfaeb726bea25771ed94cd533f8c0 IM, active participant of the SMM SG & others
7 No name @No_name_c3po bf7b2c10d2bc2aec90c800fc74f6e7e1f28c8da47b4f99d1fe4921782944572b 0:9e5976a6522e087b553416f33ee0efc8f5609c984ae6283df05f2775b8844424 Initial member NFT SG, active member SMM SG and others, jury
8 Konstantin @Kronchs 4ab6bc31d41e48a74d7a31904c8850edd41f107aea553f6e7d5ef1672598c4c0 0:a8b73825ef947fe5cc004761dc2eaf6400b23068df6c68859b7e7263dd7c02c5 Jury member, active participant
9 Alexandr @Alex770 8186107c30a0d4fbf30c84634b2edfc49984306fbc4bcc2b5157b0b6d8d000f5 0:ffc7897f7d234cb24f958aac097e59e16dad3e5ea147b4a214807f9274369be2 Jury member, active participant
10 Antoine @ToNio87fr 2501245a62a58e04b6286501b92f8ea8bb3e9c42c4b0596cbec663687fca803e 0:dc11cc512da46196835cab6440c9177bf65d2ad56ab527a9dd652af4e8dff522 Jury member
Total: 10

Hello! Maybe there are still people willing to participate?

Yes, they are all in 2020…

Я очень желаю принят участие, но не вхожу в сабговернанс. Являюсь активным членом сообщества. Есть возможность включить меня в список участников?

Hello! Please write your data/

Hello. We need to vote already.

Желающие?? Кого выдвинули, тот и участвует. Я желаю, но не выбран, стало быть нельзя. Кстати что это вообще за токены управления?

Yes we are. Is it still active?

Write your data, following the example (below). Only no mistakes please. I don’t have to run after everyone. I already wrote in chats 3 weeks ago. The activity turns out to be weak.

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If possible, I suggest adding new jury members as candidates for receiving DeNS tokens, namely:

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Will you enter or open access to the table yourself?

I think you already have my information since I’m part of SG PR community juror! Thanks for the news happy to hear it