Public Giver's reform proposal

Interview with Mitja Goroshevsky about the current proposal



Decentralized Autonomous Company (DAC)
I think for normal functioning, we need compact working groups. Which would form a certain design of Everscale not as a project but as a company.
Groups with certain (priority) responsibilities that they must perform (without contests) Receiving a certain amount (dollars) payment with tokens at different time intervals (week, month or quarter).
For example :
Public Relations Group, (consultation, answers to questions)
The composition of 5 people (+|- 2) is paid 5000 (dollars) per month (PDF), paid in tokens at the exchange rate (5th).
Brand Advertising and Marketing Group, (publication of articles, promotion to the masses)
The composition of 5 people (+|- 2) is paid 5000 (dollars) per month (PDF), paid in tokens at the exchange rate (on the 10th).
The group for the content and updating of the main site, (fresh information, clarity for new users)
The composition of 5 people (+|- 2) is paid 5000 (dollars) per month (PDF), paid in tokens at the exchange rate (on the 15th).
Group for working with partners and finding entrepreneurs, (control of obligations, new agreements)
The composition of 5 people (+|- 2) is paid 5000 (dollars) per month (PDF), paid in tokens at the exchange rate (on the 20th).

And other groups…

Thus, we will separate the workflow from the competitive basis. We will get constant development without inhibition. Vital contests run from under Main/GOV.

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Look, you don’t have to chop the thin Everscale tree off your shoulder!

  1. It is necessary to fully complete the rebranding. Redesign the main site to make it look like a cool ecosystem, in which it will be beautiful, understandable and easy to switch between existing community projects. (further develop this towards the Metaverse).
  2. Conduct a normal marketing advertising campaign on YouTube, Telegram, Twitter. With the distribution of minimal airdrops (people love this and it will work).

The Everscale platform just has to start making a loud noise on the network, people have to start using wallets, get interest on staking, exchange for BSC tokens, create their own NFTs, etc. Can’t we do it without “chop off, cancel, ban” ?!


Похоже на предсмертные конвульсии или это лишь впечатление ? Про неэффективность некоторых субуправлений говорилось давно , а теперь “давайте посмотрим на это с другой стороны - это был эксперимент” = очень удобно.

С каждым новым шагом всё только усложняется .


Support for this. In addition, I want to stress that SGs for the country have to be removed. How long will we keep making bush-league marketing materials where we have to spend tens of thousands of tokens? Isn’t one year and a half enough for such an experiment?

It’s about time. Let’s get real. Please have a look at each country SG’s activities right here on the forum. What have they done? Can anybody please tell us because I don’t even see their activities for months? France, China, Mexico, where are they? Has anybody heard anything from them? Koreans seem to have had worked quite hard last year, and look at what they’ve done these days—dumping out tokens for another interest and leaving the network? Where is the voice of the Korean Sub-governance on such a disaster? Are they even existing any longer?

As Mitja mentioned in his interview with Gramkit, “such stage of network development is over.” SGs, where members stopped working, must be gone as immediately as possible.

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Dear Community

I would like to underscore that most of the members of the Korean community have never left Everscale.

We have supported Everscale from the very beginning. Our faith has never changed. We are still here today. We do appreciate a lot of technical achievements you’ve made.

Today, all of the representatives of our Korean community expressed grave concern about the discord between the global community and someone from Korea who dearly damaged the network.

We have concluded that person can no longer represent the will of our community members.

Personally, I discovered fantastic creativity in the blockchain when I encountered solidity in 2018. However, what you have achieved so far in Everscale is far more superior in terms of the technical development than what I experienced before.

Our Korean community will keep our faith in all the resources we have invested in, especially in a four-year lockup.

We will continue investing afterward, too. However, we believe that four years will be enough for Everscale to show its superb technology to the world. We will work hard to contribute to the development of Everscale.

We have a favor. We hadn’t even been aware of the recent situation until it was publicly mentioned. All of us were stunned to hear that we were leaving the community because we simply hadn’t gone anywhere. So we would very much appreciate it if you refrain from saying anything that hurts the Korean community. We have been and will always be the staunch supporters of Everscale.

Thank you.


Dear Sean,

I’m so grateful for these words and, on behalf of Broxus and the DeFi Alliance, wish to say big thanks for your involvement and further support of the network!


Thank you for this, Sean. It really means a lot. And yes, we do understand that the recent events were not the decision of the Korean community as a whole. This is very appreciated.



The Chinese community has done a lot.
And update the community dynamics to maintain existing users. You don’t know the Chinese community, you should join Telegram: Contact @freeton_china.

Appreciate the efforts of the Chinese community! Just for your info, check this out plz.

When you click on it, it says