Free TON

Public Relations (PR) Campaign for Mainnet Decentralization

Free TON mainnet was officially launched by the initial validators on 7 May 2020. Since this time, the blockchain, community and ecosystem have made impressive improvements and growth. Very soon, over 300 additional validators will join the initial validators to provide a very high level of decentralization for the network. This will be a very important milestone for Free TON and also a very good opportunity for a public relations (PR) campaign. The press releases (PRs) should talk about the decentralization milestone, why Free TON is a special project, the recent progress and partnerships, components that the community has built (such as governance, DeFi, atomic swaps, TIP3 tokens, DevOps tools, etc.), and the future plans/roadmap and goals.

I think it would be a good idea to have a contest for this PR campaign. The important tasks are:

  • Recruiting publications/websites/professional writers to publish press releases
  • Writing press releases

Both of these can be accomplished by inviting publications/websites and professional writers to participate in this PR contest. (These invites should come from the PR Sub-Gov to prevent duplication of invites.)

This contest will serve two important functions:

  • Provide an incentive for publications/websites and professional writers to participate in the PR campaign
  • Give the professional writers personal experience working with the Free TON community and participating in the contest process.

1 place ------------ 10,000 TONs
2 place ------------ 9,800 TONs
3 place ------------ 9,600 TONs
5 place ------------ 9,400 TONs

50 place ------------200 TONs

There should be many places/awards because we want many publications/websites and professional writers to participate and have a positive experience with the Free TON community (by winning crystals).

Please note: this contest is only for publications/websites/writers that already have an established audience. This qualification should be required for the submissions to be accepted by the jury (we can require submissions to include evidence of their invitation or association with publications/websites or having an existing audience). I think this is important so jury members do not have to read too many submissions (that will not be seen by a large audience) and the voting can be completed quickly. Also, it will be difficult for non-professional writers to compete with professionals, so this will save the time of non-professionals.

I also think the jury should be limited to professionals associated with the PR Sub-Gov and the media companies in the community etc. This is important to keep jury feedback consistent with the “official” Free TON positioning, strategy, roadmap etc.

If accepted, we need to approve and complete this contest very quickly to support the decentralization milestone (in approximately 1 month). I will add more background information and details to this proposal soon. It is currently incomplete because I wanted to get this idea out to the community immediately.


I would really love to participate in this contest, but sadly I don’t know much about freeton yet, is there any with white-paper or something I can read to understand more about this project?

Hello. You can read

Thanks alot, those links will be really helpful :heart:, thanks again.