Free TON

ReflexToken & Free TON Partnership Proposal

Ага, скамеры с ICO с полуживым приложением. Давайте им дадим монет!

They have a working application in Google Chrome.
They have a lot of reviews.
They request only less than 10K tokens on the Promotion of FREE TON.

If you consider how much it is spent on other partnerships, then this offer seems more reasonable.

Millions spend on a coinletoregraph, and whats the sense?
It is better have dozens of small partnerships

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For my taste all the reports are just redundant but don’t contain the most important data…
There are three projects in the author’s portfolio and two of them seem to be dead. The life time of each previous project is about 1 - 2 years. What brings me to idea everything is just about ICO hunting and they lose interest very quickly afterwards…

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