Research of transactions by and Initial Members

Мне кажется вы (как сабговернанс) как раз и должны дать оценку тому ,что вы нашли , и дать соответствующие рекомендации . Если конечно субговернанс сам заинтересован в развитии блокчейна .

А то получается , вот смотрите мы нашли косяк , а что с этим делать решайте сами .

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Прошу прощения. Моя ошибка

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So A&S Subgov once again doing a great job in analytics; however, this was partially addressed on today’s community call. You can see the video here: Free TON Weekly Meetup #68. Updates and presentations - YouTube Fast forward toward the latter portion of the call when this question was brought up and answered. But in short, everyone needs to realize that this is analytics. It’s not evidence that anyone in particular is dumping tokens just for the sake of selling.

Yes there are certainly a few that obviously chose to exit, and as Mitya addressed, and others as well, that is their choice. The network no longer needs initial members to run; however, without them there would be no network. That is also important to take into account.

Having said that, of course it’s unpleasant to see that certain initial members chose to exit, yet on a positive note, someone chose to buy those tokens. As a result, those who buy, entered. It’s a balance. Looking at the price of the token on a “right here right now” basis is very economically amateurish. Free TON is still very young, and as many of you well know, there are huge things happening. Those who chose to trade it for pizza will eventually regret it. But it is their choice to make. This does not however mitigate the fact that again, initial members launched Free TON. For that we must forever be grateful to them despite whatever decisions they made later.

With that being said, I also see a few comments and interpretations of the analysis report that are failing to see the whole picture.

For example, Kaplan is Forklog. A lot of people don’t realize that and jump to conclusions, questioning a member without realizing that they are in fact one of THE MOST active. Forklog is doing a brilliant job (and continues to do so regularly), but all we see is “Kaplan” and don’t make the connection. Plus as a media outlet they have to pay writers around the world who may not necessarily accept payment other than through fiat or other crypto. No one can force anyone to do so. In other words, Kaplan is doing an amazing job. It’s impossible to see what is happening with those tokens once they’re sold and what they are being sold for, but that is nevertheless a MAJOR point of contention and something that has to be seriously taken into account.

Another example is Sharif Sakr. Many might not know this, but he is a major journalist who wrote and created stories for BBC, Channel 4 UK, Engadget and Forbes. He was a major part of the launch, having been the first to tell the world about Free TON, putting his very high profile journalism reputation on the line for it. His contributions are immeasurable to Free TON having existed at all. He supported and continues to support the community through his close ties with BR Capital, who in fact are great contributors. He helped originally form the CommVoice Subgov. He’s written articles for Cointelegraph. And etc., etc. There’s a lot to list. Granted his public contribution is not as visible as it was at one point, he still does promote the project and has world class contacts in doing so.

Those are just 2 examples where jumping to conclusions early is not always the best approach. It’s worth delving deeper and knowing all the facts.

Please remember, analytics reports can only show so much. There’s a lot that happens behind the scenes that isn’t always obvious. Be diligent before throwing around accusations. Accusing is easy. We all do that sometimes, myself included.

Despite the above exceptions, I do agree that certain members have simply chosen another path. That’s fine. It is their own reputations that will bear the cost of their decisions in the end.

Again, great report! But yes, we do need an English version and we do need more details as the report becomes more specific. Great work as always A&S!


Also, let’s not forget that CEX and others have been running generous staking promos, just like Broxus with their ton-bridge, so the funds being sent there are not necessarily sold. They could be making money.

As to Sharif - we’ve been working together in dealing with the media. He’s just not a very public person, doesn’t make a fuss about his numerous contributions.

And questioning Forklog is just crazy.


Totally agree. Thanks Ron for your comment and explanation. Community didn’t know about that, just because no one explained. Thanks again.
But let’s do not use words ‘certain members’, let’s name them. I believe anyone should know that. Who decided to leave exactly?


Меня поправили по поводу Kaplan и Sharif. Прошу прощение за столь резкое заявление про этих членов комьюнити. Но мой посыл был не конкретно про них, просто очень не удачный пример. Просто хотелось бы понимать кто вышел из игры и не проявляет никакой активности ни публично ни “за кулисами”. Давайте назовем их имена и закроем эту тему потому что действительно тут нечего обсуждать.
Btw спасибо за репорт

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@Whited35 @go_petr @BullishOnFreeTON Sorry guys
English version added


Timely arrival of the English version, thank you guys!

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Re TON Labs I genuinely hope that nobody challenges / questions our historical or current contribution to the network. On the report specifically, TON Labs obviously never sold tokens at the exchanges. The company did several OTC deals with accredited investors who run validators, participate in Free TON defi ecosystem or just hodl (i.e. value add to the ecosystem). All proceeds are used to partially finance the ongoing operations of the team of 60+ engineers for building core Free TON infrastructure and finance infrastructure costs (servers etc.). Alexander Filatov


No one decided to leave. No. It is just apparent that some members have become dormant and a few others dormant and selling off tokens. It’ll be transparent soon. I think there’s something in the works for that.


No need to say sorry, you have done great. Go on :))

Great job and very good analysis. We know who Kaplan and Kuna are, but we really haven’t heard about Sharif, it’s very good that Ron explained to us what this person is doing and what his contribution is, thank you. I think there are still many non-public people whose activities we do not always see and can evaluate.
Indeed, the coins that were withdrawn through the exchanges and dex are not necessarily the sold assets of the initials, there may be many options.


При этом я хотел бы добавить, что почти во асех проектах существует принудительный холд монет на срок примерно 1,5-3 года. Т.е. все крупные держатели не сливают токены, а холдят их определенный период, тогда подобные ситуации с падением курса и крупными продажами автоматически исключаются, проект должен выйти на определенный уровень капитализации и нарастить количество пользователей, а когда это происходит возможны и большие продажи.
Это жесткое условие, которое ставится перед всеми кто так или иначе получил на кошельки токены проекта.

At the same time, I would like to add that in almost all projects there is a forced hold of coins for a period of about 1.5-3 years. Those. all large holders do not drain tokens, but hold them for a certain period, then such situations with a fall in the rate and large sales are automatically excluded, the project must reach a certain level of capitalization and increase the number of users, and when this happens, large sales are possible.


I fully support it! The course of TON Crystal is the face of the community. If there are large plums of coins, then this causes significant damage.

Полностью поддерживаю! Курс TON Crystal - это лицо сообщества. Если происходят крупные сливы монет, то это наносит ощутимый урон.

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Hey there. With the regards to the analytics, the numbers are correct, but the conclusions are misleading. The transfered amount of 1.2m tokens are still on the hot wallet of kuna (exchange). The tokens are in the order book. The book was empty, so we filled it.
The only funds that we have spent are about 50k ton, that we spent to develop a token for our stable coin.


Куна самая лучшая биржа на которой торгуется тон, всегда четко работает, много интересного контента на канале куны. Один из топовых партнёров на сегодняшний день👍


Yes. If you wonder what happens to price when it wants to break some resistances… Some of the impatient initial members just slam dunk on price’s head so hard that it dips like crazy…

Reading some “When someone sells, someone buys” comments here & there but there’s a difference between selling & dumping… If you’re familiar with order books on exchanges, when someone dumps, he “market sells” meaning filling all low-price bids & pulling the price down to deep wells.

And of course, there’s a huge difference between an ordinary user selling his/her tokens & initial members selling their tokens. The latter means we’re quitting the project that we run & we lost our hope in this project. Well, that’s a bad signal for newcomers…



Thank you for your report! I have comments regarding 2 initial members. Robonomics deployed all contracts from Ethereum into Free TON GitHub - airalab/freeton-robonomics_contracts: FreeTON version of robonomics contracts, FreeTON Robonomics demo - YouTube. They plan to launch a virtual Free TON lab on the base of one of leading St. Petersburg universities to onboard developers. IoTonTON developed all smart contracts for IoT sensors integration via Free TON, developed Free TON browser app to create an experimental DeBot interfaces to work with BLE devices and AES encryption GitHub - mikhailUshakoff/deiot.


I think it will be useful to have an overal rating of initial members.


Вот живем вместе уже полтора года, и нечего не знаем друг о друге, а вы еще и обручится предлагаете :smile:

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