Research of transactions by and Initial Members

We’re going to public the second sheet on initial members today . So everyone can see the size of work done and compare it to the realised token amount. All the cooperation from initial members on this work would be appreciated.

See? and here’s another great example of where jumping to conclusions can cause damage to reputations unjustifiably. Thank you Kuna for clarifying this.

Be diligent, folks. Not everything is always as it appears. :wink:


With regard to MTX the report is not correct; addresses marked as “Magistrludi” (?) are our own validators.


Очень хорошо, что вы дали разьяснения, крипто сообщество ранее не получало поводов для сомнений в деятельности биржи Куна и сейчас их тоже не должно быть.
Как организатор конкурсов трейдеров и холдеров на бирже Куна от проекта Free TON могу подтвердить, что объемы торгов действительно бывают очень маленькие и пополнение стаканов из общего фонда периодически необходимо делать для поддержания активности торгов.

It is very good that you provided explanations, the crypto community did not previously receive reasons for doubts about the activities of the Kuna exchange and now they should not be there either.
As an organizer of contests for traders and holders on the Kuna exchange, I can confirm that the trading volumes are really very small and the order book from the general fund must be replenished from time to time to maintain trading activity.

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I know Sharif was with Free TON since inception. He helped launch it and start all the PR on it. He still does a lot of important tasks including working on the NFT side of things with developing projects. I support Sharif.


Hi all, as Ron mentioned (thanks Ron), I’m an initial member, a TON Crystal HODLer and the person who led the FreeTON launch PR. I stepped back once decentralization and the Community Voice subgov emerged, allowing a far more diverse group to take over.

I did receive tokens, both for myself and to distribute to organisations who were crazy enough to work in return for a currency that was, in those days, worth $0.

Some of those tokens would have been sold since then. In my case, I sold just enough to cover about half of what I would have charged for my professional services out in the traditional world.

FWIW I came to FreeTON because it offers true decentralization, and this is still too rare in the blockchain world. You can read my thoughts on the subject here: The word ‘decentralized’ has lost all meaning — Enough is enough

Right now, I’m more focused on NFTs – an area where decentralization is still badly lacking. I recently tweeted an example of this here:



What about cyberway? Who they are? What have they done? Are they even present on this forum?

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Yes, as an initial member, have not been active in community work for a long time. Some changes should be considered.

The only coin dropped in August

Hi everyone,

thanks for your survey, Platon, we would review it more closely, but appreciate your work proceeded.
Just from a glance, we can say that our move to the new set of nodes was misinterpreted (we are now running 3 nodes instead of 2), so tokens were moved to the new nodes, not anywhere else.

Regarding our contribution:
BlockRock was an active member of the community, including supporting of creating FreeTon DeFi Alliance and being it’s member since inception. On the top of our initial obligations, we have supported FreeTon with our offline events, gathering around developers community, and also became active members of FreeTon Academy, actively developing it too.


Amazing research. Let corrupted people out from the community plz…

Hi, thank you for your work, great research

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