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Reward of 1000 TONS for incorrect allocation of smart contract time

Not so long ago this smart contract came to an end:

Contest: Free TON landing page [September 18, 2020 - October 9]

It so happened that the terms of the competition indicate the final time for submitting applications: October 9, the end of the working day.

I and several of my colleagues sent work on October 9 and got into an awkward situation. It turned out that the smart contract ended on October 9 at 00: 00 am (the night from October 8 to 9).

In this situation, our fault is absolutely not.

For the time spent on the implementation of this contract, for the forces invested in this competition-I put forward an offer to pay 1000 TONs as compensation.

At the moment there are 2 participants claiming compensation of 1000 TONS:


Free TON address:
Telegram: @oyprivet


Free TON address:
Telegram: @stop_think_ask

Not many people found themselves in this situation, but no one is immune from this, and not everyone knows about the page ( It’s not even in the contest description.

I urge you to be United and welcoming to your new colleagues and pay this modest compensation.

All the best 🤗


I attach 2 links to 2 responses on October 9 with the attached work «Landig page Free TON».

The address of my wallet:

Let’s give team support with a like. Today I find myself in this situation, and tomorrow you will find yourself in it ❤

Let’s be friendly 🤝


I support you, and I hope that the issue gets resolved, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:
If I understood correctly the deadline mentioned differed from the actual one, so it is only fair for you to be awarded this very humble compensation


Agree and support! That would be fair.

Here is my message of 9-OCT.

My Free TON address:


I totally support you and I hope that in future all contests will be guided more clear


Thank you for support 🌺


Thank you for support 🌹

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I support you and I also believe that this case could set a precedent to prevent such situations from happening again.


I agree. This will be fair.


I totally agree, thank you for your support 🤝

Totally agree with the point as the mistake was made due to incorrect start (and end - as result) and contestants didn’t have a chance to show their works to the jury.


How about 21+ places? Guys work too, submit work in time, and will get nothing?


They got ratings from professional juries, we didn’t.

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LOL, We are going to conquer this world with blockchain, but we don’t use it))
Why do you provide links to the forum at all? Our contests are held on chain! The correct resources/links to view contests:

Here is a link to the specified contest - - it clearly indicates the time for accepting applications.

Rejected. Be more careful next time!


You seem to be starting to forget that none of the links you provided were specified in the terms of the smart contract. Why should new participants guess that somewhere there is a place where a more accurate time of the end of the smart contract is written? Why not just give all the information in one place? After all, this way you scare away new members of the free TON community. Be reasonable.

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“in terms of smart contract”???))) What do you mean?
This is only forum. This is an off-chain part of our community. You can change messages in any time you want. Our governance works on-chain.

You’re right, I meant that topic about the contest Free TON Landing page

You can create a proposal, and the community will try to support you

Not your fault man. You need to be compensated.


Yeah dude, thanks for the support 🤝