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RuCTFE 2020 partnership proposal

Alright-alright, here it finally comes!
Our AMA session, on Monday 18.01 at 18:00MSK (UTC+3).

Nothing is changed: come and ask your questions online on Youtube or Zoom platforms or leave them with a hashtag #HackerDomAMA if you can’t join us at the time. If you would like to join the Zoom meeting, please text Roman @Dedicate_s.
The meeting will be held in Russian, but you still can leave your questions and we will try to answer them in English anyway.

See you soon!

By the way, the first talk of the RuCTFE Conference was published this Thursday!
In this talk, soxoj will tell you about information leaks and their usage in OSINT. Come and watch him on our YouTube channel, feel free to discuss and ask questions!

Despite everything, we’re doing an AMA! Come to see us today at 18:30 MSK (UTC+3) :wink:

Thanks for everyone who joined us at AMA session. Don’t worry if you missed the stream, you can watch it anytime on Free TON’s YouTube channel. We’re still open for your questions!

And results for RuCTFE 2020 competition:
RuCTFE 2020 competition results
RuCTFE 2020 rating on CTFTime

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Great amended proposal. Clear value add. Full support.

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So we have some updates since our last post.
We reformed the proposal and this time it’s going to be about the RuCTFE 2020 Competition only.
For now, we decided to focus on the competition-part itself. RuCTFE 2020 is a top-level information security event. A lot of highly qualified players participate in it so it is a great opportunity to promote FreeTON and engage the players in meeting the platform.
Here is the financial plan for this event. Also, an additional proposal for the RuCTFE Conference is coming soon.

Stage Dates How much For what KPI description
RuCTFE Step 1 Up front (26 December 2020) 5,000 Free TON Crystal Organizational costs (servers, cloud hosting, etc) - We have successfully conducted the competition.
- We were able to get over 100 active teams with results above zero points. This means that several hundred players learned about the Free TON system to get their reward. In addition to this, each team that had received the “Welcome bonus” would be involved in the Crystal distribution process. Some playing teams may include professional CTF players.
- We have mentioned the Free TON project in our social media. The exact number of posts and information in them should be discussed with our PR department.
RuCTFE Step 2 27 December 2020 15,000 Free TON Crystal The reward for successful contest hosting RuCTFE organization team received its reward (minus a deduction toward contest’ organization)
RuCTFE Step 3 28 December 2020 – 1 April 2021 50,000 Free TON Crystal CTF players’ reward All playing teams have received their rewards. The rewarding process of all participants was completed by April 1, 2021

Total 70,000 Free TON Crystal

We plan to allocate 125 winning places. Here’s Free TON Crystal distribution plan among winning places:
1 place: 8192
2 place: 4096
3 place: 2048
4 place: 1024
5 place: 950
6 place: 900
7 place: 850
8 place: 800
9–82 places: 840 - (place * 10)
83 place and below: 10

47,780 Free TON Crystal total.

The remaining [50,000 - 47,780] = 2,220 Free TON Crystal is planned to be spent on Firstblood, Bugbounty or [by the jury’ decision] any other special bonuses achieved by the playing teams. Every team can only take one place.

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This is much more reasonable. This works. Good job!

Hi everyone, it’s team HackerDom!

We’d like to present you a quick KPI report for Free TON Community members.

On December 26, we have successfully conducted the competition and got over 125 active teams with results above zero points. More information on results you can find on the scoreboard: We have made a few posts about Free TON on our social media

изображение изображение

In the end of March we received Free TON Crystals and started the rewarded process. We also rewarded teams of developers and organizers - in sum, there were about 20 people who was working on the competition (

The rewarding process is almost completed so far, there are only few team left that haven’t sent us their wallet addresses or haven’t deployed their wallets. All the other teams received their rewards by 1st May 2021.

Once more, we’d like to thank Free TON for this partnership experience. We also hope, we would make more cool projects together in the future!

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