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RuCTFE 2020 partnership proposal

Alright-alright, here it finally comes!
Our AMA session, on Monday 18.01 at 18:00MSK (UTC+3).

Nothing is changed: come and ask your questions online on Youtube or Zoom platforms or leave them with a hashtag #HackerDomAMA if you can’t join us at the time. If you would like to join the Zoom meeting, please text Roman @Dedicate_s.
The meeting will be held in Russian, but you still can leave your questions and we will try to answer them in English anyway.

See you soon!

By the way, the first talk of the RuCTFE Conference was published this Thursday!
In this talk, soxoj will tell you about information leaks and their usage in OSINT. Come and watch him on our YouTube channel, feel free to discuss and ask questions!

Despite everything, we’re doing an AMA! Come to see us today at 18:30 MSK (UTC+3) :wink:

Thanks for everyone who joined us at AMA session. Don’t worry if you missed the stream, you can watch it anytime on Free TON’s YouTube channel. We’re still open for your questions!

And results for RuCTFE 2020 competition:
RuCTFE 2020 competition results
RuCTFE 2020 rating on CTFTime

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Great amended proposal. Clear value add. Full support.

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