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Signature Bounty Campaign for Crypto Forums extension Proposal [19.10-15.11.2020]

Неплохое решение, примерно такие условия на следующие недели и ожидал, не могло все быть по прежнему или слишком сладко)) Баунти очень приятное и участвовать в подобном в каком-то смысле честь. :slight_smile: Надеюсь на отбор участников действительно потратили или потратят достаточно времени, ибо хотелось бы увидеть хороших ребят в списках. Всем мир и всем удачи. Ну и мне тоже :pray:

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Вообще за это бан получают 100%, очень жестко с покупкой/продажей на форуме

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Thanks again, good rules. We will make sure to work hard as TON ambassadors so that we can promote TON to a lot of people. I will inform my friends about these new rules so that everything can work perfectly, hoping for large growth in TON.


I’am in… :grinning:

Yes, you are right here.

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Thank you friend. I hope TON will grow soon!

the New rules are strict and has many already out. we hope to see how the next week will turn out. i though the bounty has a LIMITED number of participants. Great Job. keep it up and thanks for this project. it is gem if you ask me.

Nice changes to signature Campaine. Quality over quantity :slight_smile:

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will there be another selected group of participants next week?
I mean from week 3 or only week 2 members will continue the bounty to the end.

Yes, we will review all submission week by week)