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SMM SG Jury selection contest relaunch

Well, the vote has passed. At first, after reading the opening message, I thought that the jury needed new people from the Free TON community who are ready to spend time and effort studying, interpreting, analyzing, voting and providing qualified feedback on the participants’ proposals. But as it turned out, only people who are active d telegram chat CMM are needed. Either I misunderstood the requirements, or they were not written exactly. At least I consider my experience sufficient for the jury. But in any case, I wish good luck further to those who passed on applications and received the highest scores - let’s move on friends

Hi everyone!!
Where can I see the voting results? Who exactly did you choose?

Привет всем!!
Где я могу посмотреть результаты голосования? Кого конкретно выбрали?

You can check voting results here :
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