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Suggestions for translating the site into local languages

Hello friends,
We are launching a local site for Iranian users in the near future. (
There are two suggestions:
Design a local site independently.
Translate the main site( and make it available in multilingual. And our local site will be redirected to the main site translation.
I’d love to hear your feedback.

سلام دوستان
ما در حال راه اندازی سایت محلی برای کاربران ایرانی هستیم
دوپیشنهاد وجود داره واسه طراحی سایت :
۱- به صورت مستقل سایت رو طراحی کنیم و اخبار و اطلاعات و فروم داشته باشیم و به تدریج کاملش کنیم
۲-سایت اصلی رو ترجمه کنیم به فارسی و سایت محلی هدایت بشه به ترجمه شده سایت اصلی که کاربران به صورت مستقیم به سایت اصلی دسترسی داشته باشند.
خوشحال میشم نقطه نظرات و پیشنهادات همگی رو بشنوم

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Tell us your ideas and opinions about translating sites and forums into different languages ​​or setting up separate local sites and forums.

Хорошо было бы видеть интернациональные,группы причем в каждой группе был устроен один :tongue:,который переводился со многих,или группа или бот в которой можно выбрать язык ,и читать на нем и писать ,а другие пользователи делали бы всё это на своих,заказ на которых им удобно общаться.

Each in his language that he likes the translation machine, group, international,built-in languages in the group or the bot.

Any update? Can you help with translation?

You need to describe your idea better: criteria, why community needed, etc. The goal and how to achieve it are very unclear.

I have started translating into Persian and it will probably be finished in next week,
And will be published in the address of the dedicated Persian language site
And gradually I will translate FAQ, White Paper and Wiki and publish it on the site.

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Great! You can prepare and share it here. We can add it in near future.

Also we need help with translation

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Sure,I’ll put it here when it’s over.
And then I start translating :+1:

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Great! Keep in touch!

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