Free TON

Telegram & Free TON Partnership


TON Community, we need your vote at
Let’s suggest our blockchain to Telegram.
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Full support, like to the idea :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Let’s see what comes of it. Most of all I liked the comment: “You know you want it, Pavel.” :smile:


Go on! We need to attract as much as possible


I support the partnership.

the fovbot team supports the idea and is ready to help in all necessary ways

Ok,one moment.I will gladly support!

We received more then 500 likes… Seems like worthy proposal)

I think it is a excellent idea. :+1:

Good idea, you can join.

I support this partnership!

great app. I’ve been using it for a long time. Many features for business development.

It is looking fine, go on :wink: I support it.

Great partner in my opinion. Looks like there will be something interesting. I support.

seems the proposal is still on status ‘OPEN’…

Well it looks like a good idea. Lets hope for the best.

good idea, I think it deserves a lot of likes, good luck. :wink:


It’s a good idea and I think it interesting

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so obsessed with this partnership!

I agree and support you! Telegram, and it will be good for us.

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