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The Crystal Game (Magister Ludi) [Active]

with two hands - for this offer
“shit happens” can be with anyone. (myself experience)
Everyone should have second chance!

Hello! Let them pass faster and forward

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As discussed on the call, this is a controversial move. On one hand, everyone can make a mistake and we shouldn’t blame him for this. On the other hand, we should not create a rule out of this precedent.

We as Broxus will support this very proposal but strongly insist this being the specific case that cannot be appealed to in the future.


Fully support! Hope there will be more validators from Korea soon!

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Guys, you need to understand that nobody will receive their M Ludi prizes until that group of participants who were invited to KYV on the Leaderboard and decided to not participate in KYV pass their procedure. And that all prizes have to be recalculated.

Well, no one said anything about it, why it is not voiced in the sentence? In this case, I take back my words, who did not have time, he was late, I am sick of waiting.

This is what I meant by “harming overall validators onboarding process”.

yea, disagree with add new winners because game finished and it delay start the decentralization

Can we place them all at the bottom of the table in alphabetical order no matter their scores were?


[edit: removed proposal because it was unnecessary. Sorry for wasting time.]


Fully support this offer.
Please vote for it ASAP

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Let’s not recalculate anything and not wait anyone, start validating and at the same time give out all these guys the minimal stake and vesting (to those who will pass the KYC of course). When they pass KYC and get stakes they will start validating, later. It is good for all (we need decentralization ASAP, and it depends on Ludi winners starting validating), good for those who passed (they want to start validating and are not happy of the delay at all), good for the devs team (saves their precious time and effort), good for those who plan to pass (they get something instead of nothing), and also didactic - you need to be resilient to get more (some guys applied for KYC even knowing they wouldn’t pass with the previous formula of 75 per game and were rewarded).


Hello everybody.
I’m not into this contest, but it seems necessary a larger “consensus” here.
I will not go into technical application of this contract, only a surface opinion.
If the contest’s rules changes with community agreement, how cannot participant knows that they won to next stage? What are they doing meanwhile?
If they not accomplished, I’m sorry but all the community is waiting, not only validators.
Thanks to everybody, you are doing it great

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  1. Technically the “after” subsidies cannot be less, only higher or the same.
  2. It can be higher only in Game0 where the last place did not pass KYV. In other games where the last places passed KYV it will be the same. Sorry, I didn’t mention that it’s relevant only for Game0.

I misunderstood when it said all scores would be recalculated. I looked to the formula more closely and see that you are correct. This is not an issue and I apologize for making it one. Please ignore my proposal.

Because the late validators will only change scores for Game0, there is no reason to delay on-boarding for Games 1-3. I recommend that we start Game 1-3 on-boarding as soon as the depool contract is ready.

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These validators decided on their own not to spent some time and pass KYV.

  1. Are these validators really necessary for decentralization?
  2. If we add them what we really promote by this decision?

I’m personally not against adding them, but I do not see strong ‘+’ why this should be done.
And, for sure, as Broxus mentioned, it creates possible future appeals to this precedent.

Refund of Excess Tokens Sent to TON Labs

The issue

  1. Recently TON Labs was provided with 750,000 TONs as compensation based on this proposal. That proposal passed.
  2. Another proposal from earlier, to compensate GMG for 3rd party KYV services for 300 validators asked for 100,000 TONs as compensation for their work. Once the Ludi Game rules changed to accept up to 400 validators, the additional KYV required to process the additional new validators required an additional 25,000 TONs to GMG. This was also approved.
  3. In order to make up the difference, another proposal for the remaining 25,000 TONs owed to GMG was proposed and then passed.

It came to light that the 750K to TON Labs included the 100K when it was sent from the validator giver contract. Oops! Someone caught this and noted it in the forum discussion thread. The only error they made in their comment is that the 25K to GMG was an addition after the fact, so it is not a 125K overpayment, but a 100K overpayment. TON Labs should have received 650,000 TONs, not 750,000 TONs.

Sorry everyone!

The solution

TON Labs must refund 100,000 TONs back to the validator giver contract.


Compensation to GMG for 2nd Wave of KYV Work

Short description

GMG, the 3rd party KYV provider was tasked with a 2nd round of KYV for 13 additional validators based on this proposal, which passed October 15, 2020. For this GMG is asking for payment in tokens.

Work performed

  • Verification services for 13 new validators
  • Validator document processing
  • Validator Satoshi Test processing
  • Video verification of applicants
  • Confirmed that each new validator is not blacklisted
  • Confirmed that each new validator has a real human being behind it
  • Individual communication
  • Safekeeping of all validator info as an independent 3rd party, guaranteeing privacy per the individually signed GDPR form by each validator.


Based on the amount of 125,000 TONs for conducting KYV for the original 365 new validators, when divided, the cost is 125k/365 = 343 TONs per KYV. 13 additional validators means 343 x 13 = 4,459 TONs; however, this additional round of KYV also included video identity verification (the previous one did not), thus GMG is asking for an additional 541 TONs for video processing. The total comes to 5,000 TONs for work performed.

GMG’s wallet address: 0:D00F69F1513F1E0EF5D179A6A15CC41C32C300D4D27B84405E7A4A59976752B3

Thank you kindly.