Thoughts on how to strengthen global governance (and the whole network) from Alexander Filatov

И там сверху звучит - " ДА ЗДРАВО" " ДА ПОДДЕРЖИВАЮ" Это звучит как ТУПИК. Я не поддерживаю вышеизложенное, многие начнут сливать, мое мнение - сжечь некоторое кол-во токенов, чтобы купить/продать Free Ton на более менее ликвидных биржах токена нет! Пардон MXC норм! Хоть куда то зашли…
У вас есть проект игровой это покер - он может дать проекту второе дыхание на млрд,$

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как они начнут сливать, если всем блокируют кристаллы?

Да делайте вы что хотите.

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Вот это по нашему! Так держать!

Actually a good idea, because people who believed in you when you had nothing yet really love you.

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The idea of updating the initial members is good and timely. But the number of tokens that you want to donate to new members needs to be reduced by 5-10 times.

Fld network team must be on of candidates.

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Good idea! Can’t propose anything against it!

Я не против, но срок холда бы увеличил)

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For sure, there is a need to make changes. So you have my vote but some parts should be rethought!

Funny. Why we need GOV 2.0 at all? Decision making works fine here on forum. :rofl:

Good strategy, in the long term time frame, it could be a great shot.

Free TON Community - and it passed the vote. Let’s welcome 8 new great global governance members.

Хорошо, удачи коллегам, надеемся на результат.

Nice! We all will keep an eye on this. It is getting interesting.

There are a lot of freetonians supported the suggestion of changing initial list and transition to new growing phase.
But as seen not all of them agreed with new initial list. And its ok because everybody sees his own person in the list and else … this deal is about tokens!
Ok let talk about tokens and finalising the first phase. I see many blockchain projects in this bulish trend who was generous with own comminity and it promoted wide adoption to them in early phase(uniswap for ex).
So my concern is about the same deal. Not only members in the first and the next initial list contributed to FreeTon in the first stage but the community at all.
And it would great to support the whole community too finalising the first growing phase.
And yes I’m talking about airdrop to whole community (sg members, juries, validators, contests participants, forum supporters).
It can be awesome deal if we giveaway funds among the community comparable to one more initial.
And everybody will know that FreeTon supports persons who stay and contribute to ecosystem!


Team GramKit started working on the Free TON development in June, 2020. We believe in the future of Free TON, so we haven’t sold any tokens. We created channels in English and Russian, where you can see useful information and news about Free TON. Also we developed a website as an information resource about Free TON, where you can read articles about the blockchain not only from our team, but also from other information resources. Moreover, we took the 1st place in the Winners works catalogue Contest, so now we have a website with works of participants, whose works were valuable for the community. Besides, we have already held a token draw among our subscribers and started to promote Free TON in cryptocurrency publications. And our team is not going to stop there. We would gladly participate in this proposal.

это предложение уже завершено

And it’s already approved! Let’s see what it will give us!

good job! good initiative!