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TIP-7 - Non-Fungible Tokens standard

This topic is reserved for the TRC-7 Non-Fungible Tokens standard.

What is the difference with TIP-31 Non Fungible Tokens and their Collections ?

Main differences will be versatile media storage (including external or on-chain) and the concept of having “one NFT = one contract” design.

I will post the details when I finish writing the draft.

Shouldn’t TIPs have sequential ids? Why we already had TIP-31 and new TIP is #9?

This is because we didn’t have an agreement on the naming convention. Now we have it: all standard extensions should be published in format TIP-<NUMBER OF THE ORIGINAL STANDARD>/<EXTENSION NUMBER>, e.g. TIP-3/1.

I already asked everyone to refactor their proposals so that the numeration follows this convention.