TON Crypto Game: find the seedphrase, grab the wallet

The hardest thing for me is to be honest and convince people that this is not a scam, its very difficult because on Telegram there is a lot of scammers.
Admins can contact me so i can give my identity, I’m not here to scam people but just to have fun , i don’t need money, but i don’t have enough TONs in the wallet to attract people.

I’ve created this game where Telegram users can earn some free TON’s. All they must do is to solve some riddles that are generated from the seed phrase that you can find in the official channel of DECRYPTO:

send them to

with a “,” between the words and an automatic Bot will find a winner.

That’s the wallet to unlock :0:db7bc46b8108590e968388485f9cf678563258bce68999268304da26f1c45dc1
Balance : 200.38 TONs

Have fun, if you want to make a donation, you can.
As i say i am not here to scam people but I’m here to create something fun, so if admins want to know my identity no problem, and if i win some contest, i will put the entire amount of TONs in the wallet to unlock

thank you for your attention, Have fun


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Nice project, subscribed :wink:

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Yes, that’s could be nice if you can show to people that its not a scam, i think that you must have the support of admins here. very creative :wink:

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improve it, seems scam at first glance

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Made arrangements with ADS providers.
Done the instagram account
Follow the instagram account and subscribe to the telegram channel, soon some TONs will be added

Bot that auto check the correct words is now fully functional.
Balance will be upgraded soon.
get into it before the balance will increase to have an advantage on other users.