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No, support just stopped answering after almost 1 month of conversation. On my question in the telegram from bitcoincom only one admin assured me that he would forward my problem to support without any information who when where why. I think it was just a reaction to shut me up quickly and not scare away customers, as I started with the sentence “I lost $800 on bitcoincom”.

It was a transaction on a TON Crystal wallet.

In your office on the stock exchange. Do you have a transaction history ?
You need the hash (ID) of the transaction. You can send it.
And still I wonder what is the name of the wallet to which you sent the tokens.

The transaction hash was: 4f78e515f25d80ca0d3401fc852ba92716d849d780f3e6fc4f1c4987f060f552

The wallet is this desktop wallet: TON Crystal Desktop Wallet - FreeTON | By Broxus

Here you can see that the funds were received to your wallet address. And they were immediately sent to this address. 0:0d46b0b1f76581b893d7002a58cd72f7844aa05eca318d0f353a623da6c3615d
Do you know this address ?

Aah, this is the address of the exchange. It turns out they came back.
Have you sent the transaction HASH to the exchange support service ?

You can duplicate your question (EN/RU) in Telegram: Contact @broxus_chat
Maybe someone else has had similar problems.

Yes several times, with many screenshots I have already explained the problem in detail.

Last message from support yesterday:

Hi there,

Sorry, we do not have any updates yet :pray:

I can not join the telegram chat from Broxus.
But it is not the fault of the wallet, it is a Free TON feature “Bounce”. My wallet address at the time of withdrawal was not initialized. Strangely enough I did a test with 2 TON before and they arrived on my wallet, same exchange same wallet.
Now I can only rely on them sending the amount again sometime or I will never see the TON again.

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