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Traders Contest Proposal (2)

Напоминаю, что заявки со скриншотами нужно подать до 06.04., потом их уже не примут.

I remind you that applications with screenshots must be submitted before 06.04.

Does it mean to make a screen of Deposit/Withdrawals or completed orders?

Everything is said in the terms of the contest

All participants in the submissions must indicate the e-mail to which the Kuna account is registered, the TON Surf address (NOT THE EXCHANGE ADDRESS), Telegram ID, attach a screen of transactions, where at the end after the transactions 3 digits will be visible - the amount from which the participant entered, the amount as a result, the number of transactions. An application in PDF format containing all these data must be sent for consideration by the jury.

Напоминаю, что 6.04 последний день для подачи заявок.

Тomorrow 06.04 is the last day for submitting applications for the contest.

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This is my submission: traders_contest - Google Docs

I confirm my participation

Hello! Submited my PDF. Telegram: dm_identity