Free TON

Traders Contest Proposal

The jury does a lot of work to check all applications of traders, especially since this is a payment for all, 16-18 members of the jury

Are you Jury member?

In this competition, the jury members will really be given a lot of work. Therefore, I believe that 70% is optimal

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In fact that is the next f@cking cut without any value for FreeTON. That SG just going to steal money. Why the community should pay for actions that clearly benefits third party but not FreeTON directly? Why not Kuna pays rewards? did same action fully on its own costs. So, please do not f@ck my mind.

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I cannot be a judge in my contests…


In my opinion, you do not understand what you are talking about, received 1.4 million TON for promoting the project, of which he spent only 10,000 on the competition of traders.
70% is put because the contest awards are small, only 9000 TONS and 6000 TONS, for 20 members of the jury, it is only 300 TONS for the huge work that they have to do.
When the awards are 100,000 or 200,000 TON, then 5% can be set.
And choose expressions when writing in my topics … Thank you


Good news for those who love to trade. Anyone can participate, which will add interest and popularity to TON . In addition, due to the competition, the trading volume will increase, good work is the FREE TON team