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Unicom24 / OYYS Partnership Proposal for FreeTON

Thank you for the report. We are very grateful for your attention to our project.

Unfortunately, the report contains some inaccuracies, as well as links to inaccurate materials.

Therefore, I would like to clarify a number of points.

  1. On the issue of data leakage, it should be noted that literally on the same day when the article presented in the report was published, another article was published on the RBC website - Роскомнадзор запросит «Юником24» по поводу утечки данных россиян :: Технологии и медиа :: РБК.

In which it is said that the data leak counted up to 1.8 thousand contacts, and not 2 million, as it was written earlier (and as indicated in the article mentioned in the report). The leak occurred on the side of one of the partner companies of Unicom24, unfortunately, Unicom itself could not influence the situation.

In addition, the article states that if necessary, Roskomnadzor will send a request to Unicom24.

Until now, Unicom has not received a request. Upon admission, we will certainly provide all the needed assistance.

Unicom24 has the highest data storage standards that we pay close attention to. Differentiation of access rights, internal procedures, ongoing security audits and many others. There has never been a data leak from Unicom24.

  1. Relatively low activity in social networks - it is important to note that, due to the specifics of our company, large-scale promotion of accounts in social networks is not a priority at the moment.

Unicom24 accounts are b2b accounts that, as everyone knows, are not very popular and have low activity.

As an account directed to the user, we are currently starting to use the Instagram account of the company’s CEO. So individuals know a potential or current partner “by sight”, they are imbued with great trust, and are more loyal to the company.

Yuri Kudryakov’s account - @yuriy_kudryakov.

  1. Regarding information related to Igor Nak, the father of one of the founders of Unicom24 - Grigory Nak:

first of all, it is important to note that Unicom’s activities are not related to the activities of Igor Nak, and secondly, we consider it necessary to explain in the report such terms as “digestion of the money allocated by Gazprom”, since they have an ambiguous subjective assessment and in some way are negative, which can affect the opinion of the reader of the presented report.

We believe that the use of such statements in reports about potential partners without providing any specific data and information is extremely incorrect and raises great doubts about the objectivity of the report

(as well as the use of emojis and quotes when mentioning the reliability of our company’s partners).

The purpose of the presented file is not entirely clear - to give an idea of ​​the company in the format that it is named in (“report”) or to form a specific position from the reader, similar to how articles in any unreliable information source act.

  1. Regarding negative comments towards Unicom24:

Unfortunately, reviews are largely related to the specifics of the market.

Services to the public, such as loans, can be associated with the negative experiences of people who are unable to use their financial resources smart, as a result of which they have problems that “affect their wallet”.

Unfortunately for us, these sentiments can find a way out through rude and not always fair comments on the Internet.

In addition, the reason for negative comments may be an unfair treatment from Unicom partners with the received confidential information.

A high level of protection of user data was noted several times before, lists of partners are regularly checked, as a result of which cooperation with unscrupulous partners is terminated.

Unfortunately, not everything can be checked before starting cooperation. But we are constantly working on this issue, learning, growing and developing, having among the goals, including the highest level of conscientiousness of the company’s partners.

This, among other things, is one of the reasons for our active desire to restructure to a decentralized system - to achieve even greater control over user protection in order to reduce the risk described.

  1. Also, the list of contacts must be supplemented by mail - - for communication.

If there are opinions that some important issue was not covered and comments were not provided, we will be glad to receive feedback!)

have a nice day, everyone)


Hello everyone!
Our proposal is active and relevant.
If you have any questions, need for additional information or comments - we are always in touch with you & open to dialogue!

Meanwhile, we will supplement all the information presented with some more information about our company …


Continuing the topic of the previous comment in this and subsequent messages, we will disclose in more detail information about the company’s services, thanks to which we managed to gain great popularity among the target audience and gain their loyalty


more detailed info




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