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UNU Partnership Proposal for FreeTON

Unfortunately, this “report” is not professional. The author clearly set himself the goal of depicting the project in a negative light. The author tries to show that the site’s indicators are not real, and his audience is schoolchildren who are of no value.

Immediately I will publish a link to the independent statistics system Yandex.Metrica - (I think no one can doubt the authenticity of this data), where you can make sure that our audience is only 16% consisting of persons under 18 years of age. You can also make sure that traffic is real and that there is no manipulation (just use reports on traffic and sources).

Some of the author’s statements make one think about his professionalism. For instance, “Dynamics and structure of the visitor indicators tell us that the indicators are 100% artificially simulated due to the fact that 76% of visits come from the direct link access and only 5.4% - from search engine.”. The actual number of direct visits can be found here They are not 76%, but 21.6% (according to the data for the last quarter). Visits from Search Engines - 27.8% (not 5.6%). In addition, even if the figure of 76% were correct, how can one conclude that falsifications are based on this indicator? This number can be said only of the percentage of users who visit the site constantly (regular audience).

Why was data about my wife published in the report, when she has nothing to do with the project at all? Why did the report contain a list of websites for clients of my advertising agency, which existed more than 10 years ago (and for some reason, the author concluded that these sites were created only for selling of links. No, these are regular small business sites: beauty salon, medical center, etc.). For what purpose do some digits in the “report” differ from the real ones by several times?

It’s clear to me that the “report” is biased. For what purpose this was done remains unclear to me. This is not ethical and I don’t think that it will accord with the ideology of the FreeTON community.

What is going on here?

I removed personal data.
We will analyze the data provided
Thank you!

Персональные данные убрал.
Касательно предоставленных данных проведем анализ.

We cannot analyze your data. No access

Try again, please. I turned on public access again.