Virtual Hero/Spokesperson of Free TON

While supporting, I also did not really understand what is meant by voting, as everything is vague and completely incomprehensible, I threw this post into my chat and there 50 people in general did not even closely understand what the author was trying to convey, I think that it is necessary to write specifically and not how they write posts about (minter)) :rofl:


Good idea , but correct date please.
Unrealistic deadlines have already been set. It is necessary to set immediately the preparatory period for accepting the contest of 14 days. Then the time of the contest or submission of work is 30 days. Then everything is calmly familiarized and there will be no dissatisfaction.


Dates of the contest were changed to Nov 9 - 23rd.

The jury must include everyone.

Yeap makes sense, should be enough time for the folks to prepare and submit

Would welcome that if feasible from the governance stand point

Chip and Dale with the Rescue Team rush to help the world rush to help fight centralization, financial system imperfections and government arbitrariness! I’ll try to blind something)

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I take part! Has already sent my PDF

Good afternoon, by the image of the hero in different images, still need some lor on it and a description of his character and life values and positions?

interesting and good idea. Performing such practices by professionals also provides good results. Example: Dogecoin’s dog has been adopted and loved by millions of people. the dog avatar has definitely contributed to dogecoin. it has made people adopt dogecoin. Free ton may also need an “avatar / superhero / virtual hero” that will allow it to reach large audiences.

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Cool idea! :+1:
I’m in!

So boys and girls I also decided to fall back into my childhood and to develop my foregoing idea:

So, I gladly take part in this contest. PDF file on its way to submission on

Surf address, just for reference:

Update from 24.11.2020. So, submission period is over now and I publish the originally submitted text below for possible feedback. Do not hesitate to give a like or to criticize character proposed.


The author pursued the goal to create a powerful and charismatic character that indicates on the decentralized nature of the blockchain in the most expressive way. Author was also inspired by Swarm Intelligence, Eywa from Avatar and Genie from Aladdin while creating this character. The author’s drawing skills are terrible and therefore he relies not on the visual component, but on the conceptual one.


Freetonites ( mixed word from FreeTON and nanites ), group of characters those are able to assemble to one super character.


Freetonites are an intellectual structure that was born spontaneously in the FreeTON network immediately after its launch and constantly evolving there. This birth happened by an accident. Nobody knows the reasons.

The name freetonites evokes associations with nanites - miniature self-replicating machines that organize themselves into complex networks and physical structures.

Small freetonites also can assemble to various types of physical objects depending on the occasion. They can turn to soldier or comic hero, if FreeTON community or user needs protection. They can turn into circus entertainer, if an announcement should be done. However, there is a prime embodiment that freetonites prefer by default. This ability is very similar to the Genie’s skills from Aladdin (see examples at the end of this document). Regardless of who the freetonites turn into, we, as in the case of gin, always understand that the object is made of freetonites, thanks to the characteristic bluish crystal texture on the surface of the resulting objects.

How smart are freetonites? The level of intelligence directly depends on how many freetonites have assembled to one structure. One single freetonite is not particularly smart - has a brain like a working bee. Few thousands of them can assemble to a creature being smart, like a dog. Few millions of them may grow to the level of human child, with all consequences. Just like children, such formations may fool around the network. Several hundred million of these cronies can unite in truly complex systems at the level of human intelligence. Billions can unite in a super intelligence, but, according to rumors, this has never happened before. And the same rumors say that there are about 5 billion freetonites in total. Who knows?

Way of life

Freetonites live in crystals most of the time, just like bee larvae live in combs. Freetonites are human-friendly beings. They have a very close emotional, almost telepathic connection with the community and always know where and who needs their help. They keep the balance and peace in the community and act as a patron for each user (see Eywa).

Tasks and activities of freetonites

Practical activities:

  • Announcement of the most important events of FreeTON.
  • Doodles-like reaction on to the most significant (non-political) events for all people on the globe, such as the Olympics or the landing on Mars, done on
  • Optionally, freetonites replace the assistant in Surf.
  • Optionally and if technically possible freetonites replace the @discobot on that forum;

Mythical activities, which are set down to freetonites, but still not proven :

  • Freetonites like to eat gas.
  • Freetonites process the smart contracts.
  • Freetonites repair the broken chains of the blockchain.
  • They eat children. No, no, just kidding…
  • If your transaction did not go through, then it was eaten by freetonites… Yeah, I’m not kidding.

Positive side-effects

We love blockchain because it eliminates the human factor. It will not sleep, it will not be late, it will not cheat and it will not take a bribe. But at the same time, all the same can be terrifying. We understand that this is just a soulless machine, very far from understanding human emotions. Freetonites are there to breathe life into these algorithms and create an emotional connection between the user and the network.

In today’s colorful world, where every group is desperate for recognition and inclusiveness, it is difficult to find a title character, and still not offend anyone. Some say it’s too white, others that it’s too black. Freetonites successfully solve this problem, as they can unite to EVERYTHING depending on occasion.

Implementation roadmap and resulting contests

Having won, this proposal will fire up several related contests to bring the matter to its logical conclusion. Following primitive drafts are not part of this contest, of course, and are published here just to give you an idea.

Phase #1: Freetonites visual identity contest:
… example to be completed by initiator…

  • emblem or coat of arms;
  • visual prototype of one freetonites (not assembled), colorful 3D model, front, back, side, top views ;
  • visual prototype of the prime / default embodiment (freetonites assembled to default character), colorful 3D model, front, back, side, top views ;
  • sticker pack with various embodiments depending on the best matching character for the concrete emoji, not animated;
  • optional additional visuals are welcomed;


1st prize…………………………30,000 Tons

2nd prize……………………….20,000 Tons

3rd prize………………………. 10,000 Tons

Next 10 runners up…………. 5,000 Tons each

Important note! The winner of this contest continues his / her work and provides at least 15 full colored drawings accordingly to the event. Each masterpiece is paid with 5.000 Tons. An extra budget will be deposited on special account address for pick up. So by winning of this contest he / she will get not only the 1st prize but also a kind of contract to earn further 15 x 5.000 Tons. At the end of this period, anyone can draw freetonites for that purpose on a competitive basis.

Phase #2: Freetonites powerful legend contest:
… example to be completed by initiator…

The essence of this task will be to write a dramatic legend of the origin and description of life of freetonites in the form of a short story in English with a maximum of two pages. Short, epic, mysterious…


1st prize…………………………3,000 Tons

2nd prize……………………….2,000 Tons

3rd prize………………………. 1,000 Tons

Next 10 runners up…………. 500 Tons each

Phase #3: Freetonites landing page on contest for design & logic:
… example to be completed by initiator…

And finally, a scene for our newborn character! On this page, anyone can get to know the freetonites better, immerse themselves in the epic about them, download stickers and read the most important announcements of the community spokesperson, done in a blogging manner. Doodles-like reaction on to the most significant (non-political) events for all people on the globe, such as the Olympics, landing on Mars or whatever also find their place there. In this case freetonites usually unite to a person, object or symbol associated with this event.


1st prize…………………………………. 50,000 Tons

Runners up from 2 to 10th place………. 15,000 Tons each

Runners up from 11 to 20th place………. 5,000 Tons each

Attached files



Following ideas weren’t the part of originally submitted proposal – Jurors may feel free to ignore it.


In addition I also would like to mention extremely high cryptokitty-like gamification potential. That can be done in various ways.

  1. Not every freetonite is like another. Every single freetonite is just unique and has its own DNA based e.g. on its smart contract hash. In order not to repeat the logic of cryptokitties completely, they may not just love each other but e.g. fight with each other in gladiatorial combats collecting skills and getting more power after each win.

  2. You get various types of characters just by assembling few freetonites in one unit. You also can let them fight like gladiators. The winner absorbs the loser, gets bigger and stronger, and acquires new skills. The more advanced the character, the more expensive it is on the market.

  3. Tamagotchi-like freetonites.

Freetonites sub-governance
Initially, I tried to keep the roadmap in a minimalistic, ascetic way, deliberately avoiding creating an administrative resource like sub-governance, since in fact no one should have control over freetonites in accordance with the ideology. But at the end of the day I realized that was a mistake. As soon as an evolving and endless process needs to be managed, the need for governance and budget arises. So the freetonites SG team is absolutely essential.

Don’t be boring even after a few years!
I’m sure that only a character with an evolving nature and with an ability to metamorphosis can take the place of FreeTON’s mascot. Keep in mind, you will see it day by day, year after year. Static character will get boring someday without any chance to undo that fact.

Thank you for reading this far… :grinning:


sounds like a fun contest for me. Already on it

Great idea! I will try to come up with something interesting

Скажите пожалуйста файл PDF касается только изображений героев, а описание героя и предложение по его интеграции во Free Ton в каком формате подавать? или нужно объединить все в одно?

please see below…


Hello all, I am going to submit my work. Thank you very much ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great idea! Increases recognition and acceptance of TON

  1. technological roadmap and Free TON governance over it.
  2. Estimated value of implementing such a character to the Free TON community.
    Can we describe what exactly is meant by the road map of character integration and the cost of this integration?

My work in PDF file
Telegram username: @Pisha_1986
Forum username: Michael