Virtual Hero/Spokesperson of Free TON

Ну оценка по большому счету идет не героя, а оформления работы , кто-то просто готовые работы уже с инета достал и вставил значок тон и работал над текстом и готово )

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Obvious cheating when your work has 7.27 and takes top 5.
You could have given me 5-6 and i fallen off the top5. Why so brazenly?

Достаточно палёвный слив я бы сказал, мистер.


Вот и конкурс завершился .
Всем спасибо , всем пока .

Народ вы там в порядке все? проголосовало 13 судей и 1 воздержался из 32, вы считаете, что конкурс состоялся? хорошие работы выбивали из 20, без аргументов, поставив им в последний час, поздней ночью, под конец голосования двоек и единиц… Еще кто то утверждает, что судьи не аффилированы с участниками конкурса или не являются ими?! Весь этот конкурс большей фарс и позор, больше в этой помойке я участвовать не буду.

Are you people all right there? 13 judges voted and 1 abstained from 32, do you think the contest was held? good works were beaten out of 20, without arguments, putting them at the last hour, late at night, at the end of the vote of two and one… Anyone else claims that the judges are not affiliated with the contestants or are not?! This whole contest is more farce and shame, I will not participate in this dump anymore.


Странное голосование вышло . Судей 32 , проголосовавших в разных работах 13 ,14 ,15 , 16 голосов . Как это понимать ?

В моей работе 14 голосов , но где тогда хотя бы эти 2 (15 и 16 ) - возможно они смогли бы вывести мою работу чуть повыше .

Считаю это упущенной возможностью по вине судей !

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Об этом говорится со времен конкурса на картинки для соцсетей .

Значит надо что-то менять)

One job hit the top 20 twice. :joy:

Submission 89 was rejected by 10 jurors
it will be strange if it will hit the top 20 twice

However, 89 has 7 points.

I think they should check it manually
Perhaps, there can be similar “misunderstandings”

где смотреть победителей, не понимаю?

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So, the vote is over and what we have!

Objective judging and terrible result!

the future hero is in the winners! virtual assistant of FreeTON - GIRL IN SHORTS!

it’s just some kind of nightmare !!!

who were the judges in this contest !?

huge huge question!

again, using my submission as an example:

I got the highest score from the majority of the judges and, at the same time, the unfortunate ones: 1, 1, 2, and 3 points. But you can’t even tell who it is!!

and what are the grounds for such underscore ?!

  • “nothing original”!

and this person puts “8/9/8” - to a woman in shorts! a black plush hare without a mouth and to an anime girl !? Really!?

and in addition there is also a comment “amazing job” ?!

another justification - “one point” and explanation:

  • “nothing original” - ONE score to my hero from a man who for a girl in shorts a T-shirt and an incomprehensible mask (nowadays other masks are relevant!) - puts “9/9/10” ​​- the same “gorgeous” woman in shorts! a creepy hare (with a completely terribly incomprehensible rationale “why not” - and the anime girl!

third comment from the jury who gave “two points”:

  • “not enough drawings!”

what are you talking about!?!?! under the terms of the contest it was not even clear that visualization was needed there at all !!! some submissions were made without drawings at all !!!

The second place was taken by a hare, which is generally barely depicted in black, moving with a gray shadow from slide to slide!

Just write the rule in the contest requirements
“we want an anime cartoon with a half-naked woman! well, you can also draw some crystals and substitute the inscription “FreeTON” - that’s what we need! " - and all diversified creatives will disappear at once, and you, satisfied, will receive your awful cartoon and 5 percent of the prize fund, and go alongside with a FreetON to a bright, beautiful future!

If you like anime so much, why did you pass on other characters with such hatred and lower their avr. score so much !!?!?

only if!

only if there is no benefit of its own!

after such contests, there are very big questions about what the FreeTON community really is !!!

if you just want to divide the money of the community members among yourselves - giving it over to the teams of judges - why hold the so-called “open contests” - involving people to spend a lot of time and energy on something in what they have absolutely no chance !? !?

If I’m wrong, show us the legitimacy of the judging and their lack of any interest and involvement in the winning submissions.

The competition could be the beginning of a huge wave of FreeTON popularity! people love cool pictures! you have nullified it! Nice job


My sincere congratulations to the winner. Without a doubt, a lot of time, effort and talent were invested in this work. The victory is deserved.

However, I am of the opinion that this handsome face could represent an online casino or gaming platform, but not a serious blockchain project.

Showy sexuality is out of fashion these days and even may discredit the project.


Thank you for calling me sexy and handsome. I won’t let you down. I really need these tokens for brain surgery.

А мне нравитьсяпобедитель, достойная работа

This whole contest is such a joke. And I’m fucking sad that these people didn’t even really try and it was such a piece of cake to steal this victory even though there was a clear and proven cheating
I hope these people like rats will stay in this community and will abuse it as long as it takes to sink this ship so the idea of decentalization won’t be comromised and ruined completely.
And guys crystal and diamond are fucking different things with different shapes you’re embarrassing yourself at this point, fyi

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не пойму, чем вам не нравится победитель?

Isn’t a diamond is a crystal itself? :slightly_smiling_face:

Diamond is a mineral with a crystalline structure, so no contradiction for me right here