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Virtual Hero/Spokesperson of Free TON

please see below…


Hello all, I am going to submit my work. Thank you very much ! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great idea! Increases recognition and acceptance of TON

  1. technological roadmap and Free TON governance over it.
  2. Estimated value of implementing such a character to the Free TON community.
    Can we describe what exactly is meant by the road map of character integration and the cost of this integration?

My work in PDF file
Telegram username: @Pisha_1986
Forum username: Michael

It is not entirely clear: examples of the hero’s image must be original or, most importantly, the idea and options can be presented based on photo stocks ?

You can’t wait to answer the questions here, I understood it all must be with a creative zest, you are an artist, as you see and do, all the rules in the documentation, there are no other rules.

But where can i download my PDF abd description?

Hello, friends

My work in PDF file

Forum username: olessia

About my heroes short description
Hello, I am a monkey Ksantipa, who escaped from the jungle to the big city, because I want to
become a banana magnate, and this will help me a wonderful project for free tons.I have a big
kind heart and I want to share my kindness with all the hardworking and honest people of our
wonderful planet free ton. I love to play with children and explore our wonderful world. I also like
to tell all the latest news from the world of free ton, conduct webinars. And I would very much
like to be your symbol. I have music specially prepared for the project.


Me and my friend Crys are on our way to this competition with our funny and pranklike proposal :partying_face:


Great idea! I will try to create my own character with my own story :slight_smile:
My work in PDF file
Telegram username: @QuaDDama4e
Forum username: Gabbex

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“Жорик” уже есть :wink:


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Also, there is this LA based companies
Raised +30m, CEO is a close friend.

They’re building the avatar of Justin Bieber, Drake, and tons of celebs.

But it might be a bit short notice for them to react over the weekend as the contest ends monday.


If he cannot take part, may be he can professionally “polish” the work that will win afterwards?

работа в файле PDF
пользователя форума: Nicholas

Как корректно загрузить работу? Поделитесь опытом :wink:

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Сделайте основной текст заявки в формате ПДФ. Создайте кошелек (например в Сёрф).Создайте Гугл документ для размещения на форуме. Сделайте пост на форуме со ссылкой на ваш Гугл документ. После этого Вы можете заполнить все требующиеся данные для подачи заявки. Также необходимо указать свои контактные данные.
Орbентироваться стоит на


Participating in Contest.

Submitted Pdf

Telegram id : @am_kira

My work in PDF file
Telegram username: @vibtel


Participating in Contest.
Submitted Pdf
Telegram id : @azaticus

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