Free TON

Virtual Super Ambassador / Community Spokeperson [9.11.2020 - 23.11.2020]

Good idea but using ALKONS for partnership is not a good one since It is a US base it will conflict freeton disclaimer.

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Hm, good point, let’s see the applications coming to the contest

Thanks to everybody for contributing to the contest. Here is final draft - Virtual Hero/Spokesperson of Free TON

The idea generates associations with Cortana and Alexa. I wouldn’t make a customizable character - that will negatively affect recognition. To avoid accusations of intolerance and non-inclusiveness, the character simply doesn’t have to be a human.

May be something, what indicates of the decentralized nature of the blockchain - swarm intelligence…

Freetonites (by analogy with nanites).

Фритониты (по аналогии с нанитами).

Freetonites also may assemble to blue goo (by analogy with gray goo) and in that way can take various physical forms. Or to something with a little bit patron functionality like Eywa from Avatar.

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:slight_smile: @aicracy ok, but please, don’t call it an “analogy”…I would prefer call it an “opposition” to gray goo

Passed on-chain voting

Moved to active!

Так что нужно сделать по пунктам, в шапке нет ТЗ четкого?

Check the PDF behind the link from Roman.

Hello guys and girls. I must say, the fact, that we have two different threads for the same contest confuses me. I do not know, where to publish potential proposal to post the right submission link on Here, what is not marked as an active contest, but where the link on leads to:

… or here, what is marked as active, but doesn’t really describe the whole task:


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Да мне тоже не понятна данная ситуация

this contest has been cancelled, there is only one worker

Who cancelled? No way. It’s on and submissions are welcomed!

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It is in this topic was canceled, there is in another one.

Virtual superhero summited
In Pdf
Forum username: @Obetino
Telegram: @kopyil

Great! Just keep them coming. Already 7 submissions!


I’m friend with CEO of the team behind lil’Miquela, Happy to help.
It should either be 2 Avatars (male-female) or one without gender IMO


Haha. I just offered that they spokesperson should be a female - and here it is, a girl :slight_smile:

Hi everybody! How are you!