Web & Design DeSupport for websites, debots, bots

Thanks all for your feedback and comments.

UPD. 1. Added clarification that not only websites but also products. Bots and DeBots are welcome.

UPD. 2. The survey has been updated. Added: “Websites / products that have not received prizes or funding for a period of 3 months prior to the start date of the contest are allowed to participate.”

The approximate time for the nomination is 2 weeks.

Spread this topic in your chats and channels, more candidates are needed. Thanks.

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Всем привет вот еще мой проект Telegram: Contact @buyforton


A series of brilliant dApps by ExtraTON crew (@qwertys318) :
https://depools.extraton.io - 1st staking tool with human-friendly interface
https://vouch.extraton.io - service that helps to sign multisig transactions
https://dod.extraton.io - easy to sign DoD on-chain
https://multisend.extraton.io - an MVP of a multisend tool
https://faucet.extraton.io - ruby faucet (handy device for the devs)


Привет всем!


@TonSupportBot - Почти человек; TONRANDOM; Airdrop для пользователей чатов; Ежедневная Blockchain Statistics; Отслеживание адресов и изменение балансов; Подсматривание картинок которых пока не существует; Мой магический шар; Статистика о четах и пользователях; Автоматические ответы на сообщения; Создание карты сообщества Free TON; Автоматическая модерация чатов; Предоставление полезной информации о балансе в в майне сети и других тестовых сетях и доступ к другим мини-сервисам; каталог Под управлений(отключено).
@FreeTON2MobileBot - Пополнение баланса мобильных операторов валютой Free TON Crystal
@freetonstorebot - Сбор объявлений на публикацию в канале Telegram: Contact @freetonstore

@buyforton_bot Сбор объявлений на публикацию в канале Telegram: Contact @buyforton
@freeton_invest_bot - Частная инициатива предоставления дополнительного дохода от инвестировании, подробнее в чате Telegram: Contact @tonnewstaking

@freetonlearn_bot - Самый важный бот для новичков. Первые шаги и всё всё всё.

@Tokiton_bot - Альтернатива чатексу с более низкими фее

@FTBroadcast_bot - FreeTON Broadcast навигатор, в котором можно посмотреть записи подкастов и подать заявку на участие.

https://tondice.com - Первая азартная игра с простой механикой.

https://www.pocketton.com - Стейкинг в любой депул без дебота, сёрфа и CLI. Информация о депулах и сортировка по выбранным параметрам.

https://freeton.by - Полезные статьи для новичков, ссылки на полезные ресурсы, новости, отображение курса и статистика групп(отключено).


and add @falcon_crazzzzy @a_che_by @kasava_toys


https://freeton.domains - DeNS built by @SuperArmor. Smart contracts are a part of contest but web-interface is not. Making commuinitcations with blockchain with a human interface :slight_smile:


freeton.com - I don’t know who is author(

But respect for such cool domain!


@Glazik - The coolest free TON designer. ))

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поддерживаю, они внесли большой вклад

https://waifuston.com by our team

The first NFT collection in Free TON


Staking DeBot by @eteslov and his Surf crew.


I would like to nominate https://tonseed.com (@margosukh) (@Margos) In my opinion, solutions using blockchain are worthy of special attention.




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A very interesting program that should be implemented in the future. Excellent!


Web & Design DeSupport for websites, debots, bots

Contest dates

Submission period: August 23, at 00:00 UTC – August 29, 2021 at 23:59 UTC

Judging period: August 30, 2021 at 00:00 UTC – September 5, 2021 at 23:59 UTC

The task of the contest

Motivate developers and their teams to continue developing products that are relevant to the Free TON ecosystem. To create healthy competition for the development of products in the Free TON ecosystem in the long term. So that the projects do not stop after the contests, but continue to develop and bring benefits. So that new projects appear outside of contests, so that there is more motivation for product developers and their teams to improve their project.

Primary requirements. What should the contestant provide in the application:

  • A link to a working product.
  • Detailed product description. (What benefits does it bring to the Free TON ecosystem / community members)
  • How much work was done on the product in total, from the beginning of development to 23.08.2021 inclusive.
  • What work has been done to improve the UX for the convenience of users.
  • Plans for further development.

Hard criteria

  • Only products (websites, debots, bots) that have not received prizes or funding for a period of 3 months prior to the start date of the contest but at the same time continue to develop their project.
  • The product is available for use and in working condition.

An application for participation in the contest can be submitted by anyone who meets these requirements.


The prize fund for the contest is 40 000 TONs.

The calculation of the distribution of prizes by percentage will be made in an Excel table.

Link to the document where the calculations will be made.

Only submissions with an average score equal to or more than 5.0 can get a reward.

Jury rewards

  • 5000 TONs will be divided equitably between all jurors who vote and provide feedback based on their votes’ quantity and quality. Both voting and feedback are mandatory to collect this reward.
  • The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts.
  • For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.
  • Feedback is mandatory in order to collect any rewards.

Evaluation criteria

The criteria are necessary to identify the quality of the work and transparency of the judging. The maximum possible score is 10. It consists of the following components:

1-4 Utility (Usefulness for to the Free TON ecosystem / community members)

1-2 Quality of product

1-2 UX (How convenient is it to use the product)

0-2 At the discretion of the jury. Overall impression. (Note to the judges: Since this contest is experimental and combines three categories of products (websites, debots and bots), you should not focus too much on the graphic component, and reduce the score for the Design and UI. But if everything is really bad, that’s what the overall impression is for.)

And remember the main thing, we do not vote for the contestant, but for the contest work.

Procedural reminders to all contestants

  • All submissions must be accessible for the Jury to open and view, so please double-check your submission. If the submission is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, jurors may reject the submission.
  • Contestants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.
  • All submissions must contain the contestant’s contact information, preferably a Telegram username by which jurors can verify that the submission belongs to the individual who submitted it. If not, jurors may reject your submission.
  • The content published in the forum and the provided PDF file should not differ, except for formatting. Otherwise, jurors may reject the submission.
  • If your submission has links to the work performed, the content of those links must have the contestant’s contact details, preferably a Telegram username, so jurors can match it and verify whom the work belongs to. If not, jurors may reject your submission.
  • Multiple submissions:
    • Each contestant has the right to provide several submissions if they contain different approaches to the contest problem’s solving. However, if works are not unique enough or differ just in insignificant details, jurors may reject such repeating submissions.
    • If the contestant wants to make an additional submission that overrides the one previously published, he must inform the Jury about this fact and indicate the correct revision to assess. In this case, only the indicated work will count. If the contestant hasn’t indicated the updated submission as the correct one, only the first one will count, the Jury will reject all the others.

Участвующие в этом конкурсе жюри не будут лишены права голоса?

Будут лишены. Если нужно доп. док примем. Просто это правило уже настолько прижилось. что забыл указать в описании.

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Чтобы участвовать. Обязательно номинировать или можно просто потом заявку кинуть?

Не обязательно. Номинация нужна была для сбора данных, чтобы принять решение о проведении конкурса.

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This is a good question actually.

If warm-up was to determine the amount of possible submissions, the submissions themselves should be uploaded by the owners of mentioned products.