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What's the FreeTON supply curve?

Hi, I couldn’t find any other category where this question would fit in more appropriately. Maybe you should add a category like “Newbie questions” or “General”?

Anyway, I have started reading the TON OS docs today. The first question I wanted to figure out is the consensus protocol - I found out it’s the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) with masternodes (if you put a large enough stake, you become a validator). A block is then approved by voting, using the BFT algorithm.

I found it very interesting that all the validators get a block reward and revenue from fees, not just the one that created the block. Seems like a good approach, I haven’t heard of any other crypto that would do that.

Anyway, back to my current question: What is the supply curve for the FreeTON coins? Is there a fixed max supply, or does the issuance go into infinity?



Inflation is ~2% a year

Probably it is emission, not inflation.

Yes, thats correct. Aprox. 2% emission of new tokens. Currently ~.25% actually but will increase.

for knowing more technical about FreeTON , it is better to know the TON also. so I suggest to read docs of Telegram also at

When will tokens be distributed to the open world?

No dates yet, first the net neeeds to be fully decentralized, see the roadmap here

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Is it solved? Any comments, updates?