Free TON

Why FreeTON is a failure tech? What can you do to change that?

The idea of running Telegram Open Network under FreeTON and get all credit that the Telegram team did into your pocket for free makes no logical sense. Every Blockchain leader Vitalik Buterin (Ethereum ), Charles Hoskinson (Cardano), or Gavin Wood (Polkadot) would ask a very simple question. What is FreeTON? Who builds this technology? Who has the right to promote and argue with blockchain leaders about the future of the blockchain industry from the point of view of Legendary tech TON?

Ton Labs? Is this only about money?

Technology is not about money. It’s about the future. The future makes people equal and free. Elon musk creating electrical cars and powers his rocket ships. Can you imagine that anybody can still SpaceX tech, rebrand it and use it as your own?

We have to be honest!

TON Blockchain and its philosophy are much larger than any blockchain community.

Would you like a free world without Google, Microsoft, or Apple control or regulation?

Telegram is one of the best teams who were able to achieve that. The perfect economy that could make everyone wealthy for generations. No, FreeTON is not about that. Unfortunately, there is no major idea or philosophy behind this tech.

What FreeTON could have done in order to change that?


Are you drunk? I really don’t get what you’re trying to say


The message is pretty clear! WTF is FreTON? It has been more than a year and there is no white paper. It’s easy to incorporate somebody else tech and pretend it’s yours. Ton Labs has not resolved any blockchain challenge comparing to Ethereeum 2.0, Cordana, or Solana.


Free TON doesn’t implemented Airdrop Mechanics for users of Free TON and there are 85% TONs for users. They want to grab these tokens with more centralised tricks.

Это говорит человек который сделал скам с созвучным названием с TON. И принимает инвестиции под 10000% . Проваливай отсюда, петух

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What a strange take.

The good folk at Telegram were unfortunately inhibited by the SEC. The 95% of a product they’d built was going to waste. When TON Labs entered the picture, they picked up the open-source tech, held no ICO or premine etc, and have developed and developed ever since. To the point that in Mitja’s words, there are so many significant differences now that the original whitepaper bears very little resemblance to the original TON model. So I’m sure people realise the need for a new WP, and I’m sure it is being worked on.

And no major philosophy? C’monnnnn, what is a Meritocracy if not a philosophy? The beauty here is there is no leader. I wrote whole piece about it a while back :wink:


ABOUT! Another good article!

Proof of centralisation in Free TON

Everyone can check out a subgovernance proposal (passed) from a single person with his centralised team.

  • All Initial members haven’t even a forum account.
  • Initial members aren’t active members of community.


Community is the real owner of free ton so anyone can suggest a better idea.

be positive and confident about everything we can do unanimously for all. we are exploring free ton and its applications usecases and realised that there are plenty of contests for different skills.

85% of TON Crystals are for community and some initial members are giving away these TONs to their partner friends and other intimates making everything out of community reach.

Free TON belong to everyone. Bring value and earn otherwise keep mute and allow those who are willing to work and bring value.

Unfair reward suspension

Submission #7 (WRC#23)

Claimed Reward = 340 TON (before editors review)
Jury Voting
Accepted = 12
Rejected = 05

Original User Report Claim = 335 TON (after editors review)

There is a only of 5 TONs difference in both because of counting errors and wiki initial member passed a proposal with only 6 votes immediately and suspended my reward in a centralised attack.

TON BRAINS is declaring that FREE TON is a scam project. TON BLABS have more than one year to prove that evidence wrong. But… Sorry… Good Luck!

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Governance in Free TON is not distributed and they are still working in a centralised environment even after one year from launch.

Free ton is a good technology but some initial member are spoiling its reputation of decentralisation.

Скам проект говорит что другой проект скам…