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Wiki Costs and Payments: Live and updatable report

In order to make the spending budget of the Wiki Subgovernance as transparent as possible, we will regularly update this topic after the completion of payments for each Wiki contest.

Wiki Subgovrnance multisig address:

Live data is also always available in this spreadsheet:

Total Wiki’ costs: 227 607,80 Tons


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good step about transparancy and hoped could answer all question about funding usage in wiki subgovernance. no more doubt about how wiki team work and how much reward for them , everything explained well and opened to everyone

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On the wiki, all issues are still resolved in a private chat to which even those who have been from the very beginning of the project do not have access. This has been pointed out many times on behalf of the main governance, but this is constantly ignored by the “wiki administration.”

This should be reserved privately and get exposed in the future. Since all activities are done anonymously.

The future has already arrived a long time ago.

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Okay right! I see that from you reply on this post👇

You mean the the proposal is now rejected by the wiki administration! Why?

No. I’m speaking not about the proposal. It is about the way of hiding from all the people that are working on wiki and deciding for them in the private chat. And they call it Decentralization.

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Ok mate I got that now :ok_hand: hope to see more amazing news regarding the improvement of this forum.

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Certainly. It is impossible to ignore the community for a long time. This leads to all sorts of bad consequences.

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I have being busy this days taking some exams this got me at rest for a while but sure I will be back very soon to be with the community :cowboy_hat_face:. Freeton shall rise to the :full_moon: moon…

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The report for #12 Wiki Renewal Contest Proposal [17.12 – 19.12.2020] was addeed to spreadsheet above.

The #13 Wiki Renewal Contest [17.01 – 19.01.2021] report was addeed to startpost and spreadsheet above.

#17 Wiki Renewal Contest [10.02 – 28.02.2021] and #19 Wiki Renewal Contest [13.03 – 21.03.2021] reposts was added to the startpost above.

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